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Text Box:   Revision of Basic Maths & Statistics 



The following “Maths & Stat” slides provide an introduction to basic statistical concepts and offer suggested reading to brush up on your maths. Click on Audio to listen to a recording of the lecture:

·        M&S Lecture 1: Introduction to Statistics, Variables & Graphs.

·        M&S Lecture 2: Algebra: The Language Mathematics (Audio).

·        M&S Lecture 3: Precise & Approximate Relationships Between Variables (Audio).

·        M&S Lecture 4: Generalisability of Social Research & the Role of Inference (Audio).

·        M&S Lecture 5: Opportunities for & Limitations of Social Statistical Research (Audio).


Slides from previous years cover similar material but with some additions (notably probability):

  • For M&S Lecture 1 click here
  • For M&S Lecture 2 click here
  • For M&S Lecture 3 click here
  • For M&S Lecture 4 click here
  • For M&S Lecture 5 click here
  • For M&S Lecture 6 click here