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Text Box:   Advanced Quantitative Issues and Methods Forum (AQIMF) 



The purpose of the course is to provide a framework for supporting students in the use of quantitative methods in years two, three and four of their PhD.  There is clearly a need to consolidate the skills and techniques learnt in Social Science Statistics training provided in the first year of the 1+3 programme, skills that are quickly lost if not in frequent use.  The course aims to:

1. develop students’ knowledge of a number of advanced quantitative techniques appropriate to postgraduate research in social science.

2. supplement and enhance the continued support currently provided by supervisors and informal advise offered by the Faculty Methodologist.

3. provide a framework for training in advanced quantitative techniques above and beyond those provided in Social Science Statistics I & II.

4. help students learn how to articulate quantitative issues. The language of statistics can be arcane. It is one thing to understand a statistics lecture, it's another to discuss or write about statistics in one's own words.  Yet this is what PhD students are required to do when they write up their thesis and defend it to an external  examiner.   By encouraging  students to participate in  discussions of statistical issues  and methods on a regular basis we hope to greatly increase their  capacity to articulate and critically evaluate quantitative  methods. 

5. encourage innovation in the application of quantitative methods, facilitate the dissemination of new research ideas and raise the level of enthusiasm for using quantitative methods.

Downloads for AQIM:

  • Course outline (click here)
  • Introduction to AQIM (click here)
  • Lecture 1: Reverse Causation & 2SLS (click here)
  • Lecture 2: Event-History Modelling (click here)