Prof. Ramavarapu “RS” Sreenivas




(List of Teaching and Advising Honors)

GE320: Control Systems  (FA92, FA93, SP94, FA05)

GE420: Digital Control Systems (FA96, SP97, FA97, SP98, FP98, SP99, FA02, FA03*)

GE424: State Space Design for Control (FA01, SP02, FA04*, SP06, SP07, SP08*, SP09*)

GE423: Mechatronics (SP00, SP01, SP05, SP06)

AE555: Multivariable Control Design (FA06)

GE523: Discrete Event Dynamic Systems (SP93, FA95, FA97, FA00, SP03*, SP04, FA07*, FA09, SP13, SP15*)

IE523: Financial Computing (FA10*, FA11, FA12*, FA13*, FA14*, FA15*)

IE511: Integer Programming (SP12*, SP14)

IE531: Algorithms for Data Analytics (SP16*)

GE494 & GE495: Senior Engineering Project

Interacted with ≈30 companies (list) in this course.

(*Featured in the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent)


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