Linguist, Analyst, Listener, Creator
Hi, I’m Joseph. Welcome to my web page! Let me share with you what I’ve been up to the last few years, and what I’m hoping to do next.

Since 2007, I’ve been learning and practicing linguistics, first with a PhD at Michigan, then as Assistant Professor at Qatar University in Doha, Qatar, and currently as a postdoc at Morehead State University in Kentucky. I love exploring the patterns in our everyday language, including ways we communicate meanings about how our discourses are organized and who we are as people. Mostly, I have focused on intonation (rises and falls in pitch, pausing, loudness) for how it cues discourse structure (e.g. topic changes), relations between sentences (e.g. elaboration, if-then conditionality, causal connections), and social meanings (e.g. annoyingness, intelligence, confidence). I also love how the same linguistic feature (e.g. a final rise) can signal both linguistic and social information. In fact, in January 2016 at the annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, I am co-hosting a symposium on semantic and sociolinguistic approaches to meaning!

From 2003-2007, I worked for Lone Buffalo developing electronic clipsheets for clients JP Morgan, Toyota and Pfizer. These products were like personalized newspapers targeted to the needs of individual clients, involving media analysis, searching and summarizing relevant articles, and for JP Morgan also translation from German and French to English. In 2003, I completed my BS at Georgetown University (major: German, minor: Business). Previous jobs included web design, clerking at the library and marketing for an architecture firm.

Now, as I come towards the end of my postdoc, I’m thinking about ways to bring my skills to a new context, organization and location. In addition to my technical skills as an experimental linguist, I am skilled at listening to diverse audiences, identifying the needs of each, and communicating clearly to each. I can analyze complex data sets and complex situations. I can creatively and playfully develop fun and practical, data-driven solutions, bringing people together and working with others to solve difficult problems. The result is an ability to help organizations better understand the challenges they face, communicate with their clients and with their internal teams, and move forward towards productive goals.

And while my professional skills center around linguistics (intonation, discourse, sociolinguistics) and data analysis, I also adore music, games and wellness. I pursue these interests in dj’ing, composing and producing music, and sharing music with friends. I also like to host game nights, and enjoy developing healthy habits of body and mind, including meditation, yoga, run club, sports groups and more.

Through this range of skills and interests, I hope to positively influence the world by clarifying thinking and identifying patterns in everyday life. I want to bring people together, and help them better understand, relate to and connect with each other. And definitely, we should have fun along the way!

You can also find me on LinkedIn.