About the Studio

The Towson Trombone Studio consists of undergraduate and graduate students from around the country majoring in music education or trombone performance.  Trombone students can take advantage of many performing opportunities at Towson University including symphonic and concert band, marching band, orchestra, big band, pep band, brass quintet and trombone ensemble as well as a weekly lesson and master class.

Master classes feature several guest artists a year.  Previous visiting artists include Joe Alessi, Ron Barron, Randy Campora, Eric Ewazen, Joseph Rodriguez, The Army Field Band Trombone Ensemble and Brass Quintet, Haim Avitsur,  Nathan Dishman,  Tom Gibson, The Marine Band Brass Quintet, John McGinness, The Naval Academy Band Brass Ensemble and Brass Quintet, The Navy Band Brass Quintet and Commodores Trombone Section,  Lauren Veronie Curran, Bruce Tychinski, and The Washington Trombone Ensemble.

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Towson University Trombone Studio

Welcome to the Towson University Trombone Studio! 

Dr. Natalie Mannix

Assistant Professor of Trombone