Jeff Adkins is not teaching Physics 015 in Fall 2011.

About the Course

A survey of basic physics covering kinematics, dynamics, momentum, energy, rotation, static elecricity and electric current, magnetism, thermodynamics, sound, and radiation.

Physics Section 0119

Lecture Saturdays 9 - 11:50

Lab Saturdays 12:30-3:30

Class meets in 227/226 in the new science building.

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Class location

Room SC2 227/226 at LMC’s Pittsburg Campus.  This is on the second floor of the new science building. 


    Text: W.T. Griffith, The Physics of Everyday Phenomena (6th edition)

    Scantrons: You will not need to purchase scantrons because I will provide them for exams.

    Calculator: A scientific calculator is required for all homework and assessments.

Midterm Review Guide   midterm review guide.pdf

Practice Exam  index.htm

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Physics 015

Downloads etc.

Class management plan Spring 2010.pdf

Lab report format.pdf

final exam review guide spring 2010.pdf


(includes updated lecture agendas, Homework and assignments)

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Shown above is a jet aircraft traveling near the speed of sound.  The pressure wave following the plane can cause condensation to occur.  More here.