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Astro 010

Tuesdays 7-10 PM

Syllabus and handouts:

Class location

Room SC2 225 at LMC’s Pittsburg Campus.  This is on the second floor of the new science building.  Some meetings will be in the planetarium as needed. Class will always meet in 225 and then we will walk together to the planetarium.

About the Course

Covers objects and motions visible in the night sky and surveys the nature and evolution of planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe. Includes discussion of the process and ethics of science.


   •Text: Bennett, The Essential Cosmic Perspective, 3rd. ed.

•Conceptual Astronomy I workbook, Jeff Adkins.

•Planisphere: Star and Planet Locator

•Observing notebook: A notebook such as a composition notebook with permanently bound graph-paper pages is preferred, although any composition notebook will be acceptable.  Composition notebooks are available in the bookstore. The Conceptual Astronomy book has observing forms in the back; you can tear these out and use them in a 3-ring binder as your notebook if you wish.

•Calculator: Calculators are not required for assessments, but some class presentations and a few homework assignments may use them. If you get a calculator, get a scientific calculator.

Astronomy 010

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About the picture

Shown above is a model of one of the telescopes in the Allen Telescope Array, developed to look for signs of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.  These telescopes are manufactured in Antioch.