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+ economic nationalism

+ borders, mobility & securing open societies

+ university governance & internationalization


‘To whose taste?: Assessing public policy to authenticate and promote Japanese cuisine abroad’, European Association of Japanese Studies (EAJS), 28 August 2014.

‘An authentic regard for Authenticity?’, August 2014.

‘Is ‘food design’ a nourishing concept?’, August 2014.


‘China’s strategy to sow distrust of Japan’, The Interpreter, Lowy Institute, 8 August 2014.

‘Australia & Japan make history by moving on from it’, East Asia Forum, 1 August 2014


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TED x WASEDA: essentially on advice to young people

REMAKING JAPAN: a special Japan-related event with Dr Julian Worrall and Dr Adam Johns, a year on from the 11-3-11 disaster. Profound thanks to the University of Queensland community for the huge turn-out and sophistication of the event.


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             download here: pokarier phd thesis.pdf  (warning 18 mb file!!)


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The following paper, presented at ACEI 2010 is an earlier version of the of above two papers.

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