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Here’s a handy dandy checklist that can be a useful tool to help you organize what needs to be done before you leave and what to take with you.  There’s bound to be something you forget, so download this PDF and start planning your holiday.  We also have hard copies at both locations

Planning a group trip?  We can help to make your travels a little easier, more comfortable and safer.

We would love to come to your organization or school and give a short, fun, interactive presentation.  Send us an email with a good time and the location and we’ll set you up.

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Grounded Outlets

Un-Grounded Outlets.

Below is a list of countries and a chart of plug types/styles. If you are travelling with anything that runs on electricity you will need to pack an adapter(s) and maybe a converter or transformer. If you are not sure what you need, give us a call. 

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