When I first Started on the No-Way (my version of the Segway) I couldn't decide wether to make, a “segway” style machine or a unicycle, so I flipped a coin.

The “segway” style machine won the coin toss but the unicycle was not forgotten, watch out there’s a Raptor in the building...

What Is The Raptor?

The Raptor was my first attempt at creating a single wheel self balancing Bike/Unicycle, forward and backward balancing is controlled by the unicycle, side to side is taken care of by the riders inertia whilst steering simply requires practice preferably in a big open space with nothing to crash into.


-24v 350w geared unite motor, (The same type of motor you would find in a Razor electric scooter)

-Arduino UNO REV3, this takes the data from the inertial measurement unit IMU (gyro) does some number crunching and then spits out PWM signals in the direction of the motor controller.

(running modified code originally from One Wheeled)

-IMU (gyro) - Purchased from Spark-fun in 2012 now obsolete!

-Motor controller, I used the SyRen 50 from dimension engineering, it can be adjusted up to 100A. This motor controller is almost indestructible, the only thing you must not do is connect the power the wrong way around as this will destroy it.

-Batteries, I have two 12v 7ah led acid batteries wired in series to give me 24v, I am however planning to upgrade to a more powerful supply in the future.

-Wheel, 1x14” wheelbarrow wheel from eBay, they cost £8 each.

-PVC (plasticized)15mm thick, its tough stuff, I buy my plastic from Aquarius Plastics in Guildford

-Polycarbonate 5mm (frosted with help from a electric sander)

-Chain Drive (420 Bike Chain)


-Top safe speed of 10mph, any faster and it would have trouble catching up with itself and I would end up on the floor.

-Battery life 90-120mins, and then performance takes a bit of a dip.

-Weight 25kg

-It glows Blue


One Wheeled - Anybody thinking of making a self balancing machine should start here, this is where I started, I’m yet to find another place on the web with as much info on the subject.

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