-Two 24v 350w geared unite motors, retired from a past life of driving electric bicycles

-Arduino UNO, this take all the data from the inertial measurement unit IMU (gyro) does some number crunching and then spits out PWM signals in the direction of the motor controller.

-IMU (gyro) - Purchased from Spark-fun in 2012 now obsolete!

-Motor controller, I used the sabertooth 2x25 from dimension engineering, it has proved to be a powerful and sturdy unit, plus it has the ability to accept a variety of inputs.

-Batteries, I have used two 12v 7.2ah led acid batteries wired in series to give me 24v, I am however planning to upgrade to a more powerful supply in the future.

-Wheels, 2x14” wheelbarrow wheels from eBay, they cost £6 each.

-Polycarbonate (lexan) 12mm thick, its not the cheapest stuff to buy but its virtually bullet proof.


-Top safe speed of 10mph, any faster and it would have trouble catching up with itself when it comes to slow down.

-battery life, 45-60 mins after which performance takes a bit of a dip

-weight 27kg


I didn't arrive with the almighty polycarbonate version on my first try, although it balanced just fine on its own, the underpowered motors I had used to drive the wheels had only just enough torque to get me going on a flat surface, any bumps and I was on my face.


One Wheeled - Anybody thinking of making a self balancing machine should start here, this is where I started, I’m yet to find another place on the web with as much info on the subject.

When I first saw the Segway I thought that there must be some really complicated and expensive electronics inside, meaning the average person would never be able to build one.... well it turns out you can.

And thus came into being the NO-Way using Two 350w motors to power me up to a speed of 10mph its controlled by an Arduino UNO sending PWM signals to a sabertooth motor controller.

After A bit of research on the internet I found this website One Wheeled, if you are interested in making any sort of self balancing vehicle I recommend you start here, I found it incredibly useful.

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