Dr Andrew S. Wills -

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Dr Andrew Wills -

Research site


Magnetism has always challenged accepted scientific understanding, demonstrating new physical properties and couplings. Our research explores different aspects of magnetism within a chemical context.

Current projects include using representational analysis to characterize the complete set of symmetries of magnetic structures and displacive structural transitions in crystalline solids; developing analysis tools and protocols for the study of magnetic neutron diffraction data; developing polarized neutron scattering techniques to determine unpaired spin (magnetization) density maps in powders and nano-particles; the synthesis and study of new and known frustrated magnets using laboratory and neutron scattering techniques. 


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Frustrated magnetism, quantum frustration, magnetic structures, kagome magnets, spin glasses, anomalous Hall effect (AHE), valence bond analysis, charge ordering, neutron scattering, SARAh, VaList