Your index finger stretches out and your hand, shaking a bit, begins to move towards the green button. It glows with the friendly green of a sour apple. Before you know it, you hear a deep, scratchy voice singing...\n\n"Well I stumbled through the darkness...I'm lost and alone..."\n\nThe voice cuts out for no good apparent reason.\n\n<<if $hasUFOGem neq true>><<set $hasUFOGem = true>><<set $numGems=$numGems+1>>You find a shiney gem in the shape of Pluto.<<endif>>\n\n<<display 'step inside'>>
<html><img src="img/mill.png"></html>\n\nan old mill surrounded by clearcut trees\n\ninside, there's a glass jar that whispers strange things
Though not a painful process, watching your skin become bark and your limbs become, uh, limbs was not something you'd care to repeat.\n\nIn time you'll forget about it, though, because you have the next hundred and fifty years or so to enjoy your new life as a tree in the forest.\n\n<<display 'game over'>>
The rock outcroppings in the [[cave entrance|the maw]] are very pale in the moonlight, they remind you of a white picket fence.
The Rogue Less Traveled: Legend of the Rand(3,7) Gems
Your eyes watch him carefully. His black rimmed hat tilts slightly. You feel your body tensing up. You feel your eyes instinctually [[sizing him up]].
A crusty purple stain covers the couch cushion nearest to you. It smells like juniper and marshmallow. You imagine that it would be a nice combination with some hot cocoa.\n\nYou're standing near a [[couch|ugly couch]] in a forest [[clearing]].
<html><img src="img/spiderwizard.png"></html>\n\nAn exasperated sigh echoes from within the skull.\n\n"What's the idea?"\n\nThe spiky-black lemon spider wearing a very small [[sky blue hat with stars and moons on it]] emerges from the left eye of the skull and looks at you expectantly. This is [[sort of embarrassing]]. <<set $metSpiderWizard = true>>
Out of morbid curiousity, you walk up to it. The knot is still loose. So loose that you can easily untie it. The loop is clean, with no signs of struggle. You take it.<<set $hasRope=true>> <<if $noteFried neq true>>You see a [[piece of paper]] on the ground.<<endif>>
The sun starts to set the moment you embark. It's always sunset on this trail. The crickets and birds always chirp their respective chirps. Up ahead, the trail dips the way it always dips.\n\n<<if $hasFirstGem neq true>><<set $numGems=$numGems+1>><<set $hasFirstGem=true>>\n<html><img src="img/greengem.png"></html>\nYou find a gem on the ground.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<clusterNav>>
You look down at the pond, like a God. But you do not see your reflection. You just see the pond.\n\nCompletely.\n\nStill.\n\nOver due.\n\nFor a disturbance.\n\nYou think about [[jumping in|For a disturbance]] or going back to [[the trail|pond]].
You pull back the eyepatch like a bowstring, and behind it you see a enormous spider. In a mixture of surprise and horror, you let go of the eyepatch and it slaps against the skull with a noise that sounds like an old eyepatch slapping against a bare skull.\n\nThe eyepatch disintegrates, and from behind it shoots out a purply-orange blob of goopy magic junk.\n\nYou pause, rooted to the spot--partially due to terror, but mostly due to the sixth-level //hold person// spell which you just [[failed your save against|the spider wizard]].
Are you [[sure?|clearing]] There's [[no rush|comfortable]].
It's lower in pitch, but it sounds something like a "schlorping" noise, if you've ever heard one of those.\n\nNo? Well, [[nevermind|grove]].
Frustrated, you walk [[back to the trail|occupied tree]]. He does not make a sound. And keeps his back towards you.
The weather is neither hot nor cold, being instead a nondescript temperature which has not been a significant factor in your experience.\n\nMost grasses thrive on descriptness, and are literally bored to death in mild temperatures. In the depths of summer, or the heights of winter, or along the sides of the whispered Fifth Season, this field would be thrumming with living grass and [[grassassins]].\n\nYou're standing in [[a clearing in the woods|clearing]].
The door is intricately carved with the hallmark filigree and geometric border patterns of the mothfolk from the distant plains of Rackagorp. There are no knobs or keyholes, but in the center of the door is a small divot which seems perfectly suited to fit a gem.\n\n<<if $numGems gt 0>>You could [[insert a gem into the door|absorbed]], if you like.<<else>>You don't have anything that would fit, though.<<endif>>\n\nYou're in a [[cave passage|the darkness]].
Your skin tingles as your eyes follow the corkscrew as it roars into the dead air above the couch. The rough feel of the iron as it scrapes along your fingerflesh is electric, and you become dimly aware of the electric blue turning red with the iron of your blood.\n\nYou are caught in the deadly spell of the springs, and soon your organs lie strewn throughout the clearing.\n\n<<display 'game over'>>
You see a steady stream of what looks to be a heavy and viscous sludge, demurely glowing as it throws its hot pink radiance in every direction. The stream is joined by others, which create rivers. The roaring rivers slowly collide into each other and in their chaos form putrid pools that grow into small luminescent lakes.\n\nYou are in a large, round chamber, slathered in a vulgar pink light.\n\nIn the center of the chamber the pool of pink sludge sits patiently. The surface is nearly opaque, but you're sure that you can see glimmers of blue and silver within the depths. Maybe you could grab whatever lies underneath the surface if you just took [[a quick dip]].\n\nAlong the edge of the chamber is a narrow path. On the other side of the room, you see a path that continues into [[the darkness]].
Your hand is wet from the condensation along the wall, but you're able to follow a passage away from the entrance. You go slowly forward, since the floor is rough and covered in rocks and what feels like some kind of soft moss.\n\nThe passage continues for what seems like a long while, and makes a number of turns and curves. [[Ahead|the esophagus]] there seems to be a dim pink light.\n\nIt's not too late to [[turn back|the maw]] if you're worried.
These hats signify that their wearers belong to the very ancient and powerful order of [[spider wizards|the spider wizard]]. They are not to be trifled with.
You've never been angry at a small body of water before, but why not? That little shit. You jump in, feet first to be safe.\n\nYou sink...\n\nfor\n\n\n\na\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nl\no\no\no\no\no\no\no\no\no\no\no\no\no\no\n\nn\nn\nn\nn\nn\n\nn\n\nn\n\nn\n\nn\n\nn\nn\n\nn\n\nn\n\nn\n\nn\n\n\n\ng\ng\ng\ng\ng\n\ngg\n\ng\ngg\ng\ng\nggg\ngg\ng\ngg\ng\ng\nggggg\ng\ng\ng\ng\n\ng\ng\nggg\ngggg\ngg\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\ntime.\n\nYou hit [[bottom]].
<html><img src="img/yellowgem.png"></html>\n\nYou pull at the edge of the fabric, and it tears away easily like crisp paper or burnt skin. Inside is mostly dirt and some animal droppings, but there is also a small topaz and a shiny silver coin. Covetously, you grab both items and stuff them in your pocket. <<set $numGems = $numGems + 1>><<set $openedCouch = true>><<set $hasQuarter = true>>\n\nYou're standing near a [[couch|ugly couch]] in a forest [[clearing]].
<html><img src="img/foresttestdark.png"></html>\n\nDone-ish Nodes:\n- [[clearing]]\n- [[hill]]\n- [[grove]]\n- [[cave]]\n\nRough Node Idea/Sketches:\n- [[mill]] (have art)\n- [[shrine]] (have art) (shrine puzzle)\n- [[valley]]\n- [[field]] (related to a foggy valley)\n- [[log]]\n- [[tower]]
<<if $hasRope neq true>>\n<html><img src="img/noose.png"/></html>\nOn a tree, about 50 feet off trail, you see a [[hanging noose]]. It swings in the breeze.\n<<else>>\n<html><img src="img/nonoose.png"/></html>\n<<if $noteFried>>\nAbout 50 feet off the trail, a tree stands alone. You already took the noose.\n<<else>>\nAbout 50 feet off the trail, a tree stands alone. You already took the noose, but [[the note|piece of paper]] remains.\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n\n<<clusterNav>>
\nIt reads, "Forgive me pretty baby but.." and then nothing else. You feel an urge to finish the note..\n\n- [["..I'm a loser and it's just how I am."|note fail]]\n- [["..I just don't love you anymore."|note fail]]\n- [["..I always take the long way home."|note success]]\n- [["..I totally forgot about your mom's birthday."|note fail]]\n- Ignore the urge and walk back [[to the trail|lonely tree]].
Rock bottom. In the darkness, all you see are whiskey bottles, mattresses, and credit cards. What else can you do, but [[close your eyes]]?\n
<html><img src="img/couch.png"></html>\n\nThe path opens up into a clearing. Floating amidst a [[golden-brown]] sea of [[dead grass]] is an [[ugly couch]].\n\n<<clusterNav>>
<html><hr></html>\nLooks like it's game over. Man. Click "restart" on the left menu to try again.\n<<initStory>>
Along the floor of the old [[grove]] trawl a thousand wretched and cantankerous things across the bones of long-dead trees. Giant fang-bearing bugsects and frogtiles croak and gnash, spitting and vomiting each other in a never-ending foul spiral of nutrient cycling.
<html><img src="img/rainwornhill.png"></html>\n\nTo one side of the trail is a steep hillside that seems to have been eroded away by rain. Looking downhill, you can see [[a sewer pipe]] that sticks out abruptly.\n\n<<clusterNav>>
You see a 10 foot tall totem pole. The top appears to be a slightly caricaturized edifice of George W. Bush. With a feather head dress.\n\n<<clusterNav>>
The note reads: "His name is Wilhem Dafoe."\n\nYou decide to [[return to the trail|occupied tree]].
An armadillo, a pillbug, a pair of intertwined snakes.\n\nA tremendous rock slowly tipping and falling into a uncontrollable tumble down a steep hillside.\n\nAn old tabby cat coughing up a great tangled mass of hair and saliva.\n\nTurkey, provolone, and a little hot mustard in the middle and folded over into a tube.\n\nA tube, the neural tube forming out of ectoderm in a primordial mammal.\n\nA stream of charged particles launched screaming out of a gun, curving and turning under the magnetic fields, only to slam into a dusty glass screen.\n\nYou're standing near a [[couch|ugly couch]] in a forest [[clearing]].
Well whaddya know. There's a [[green button]] and a [[red button]]. Which. One. Shall. You. Choose?\n\n[Developer commentary: You should probably choose the green button, unless you just want to see what happens when you choose the red button. For kicks.]
You recite the recipe for the cookies that your grandmother used to make every year for Christmas.\n\n- 1/2 lb butter\n- 2c all-purpose flour\n- 1c crushed pecans\n- 4tbsp powdered sugar\n- 1tsp vanilla\n\nMix all ingredients and form into crescents. Bake at 350 degrees F for 11 minutes.\n\nChristmas hasn't been the same since she passed away. You miss her.\n\nYou're standing in [[a clearing in the woods|clearing]].
Before you can even feel what the shiney exterior feels like, it quickly recedes, leaving a door-shaped opening. For a moment, you feel special. You [[step inside]].\n
ruined tower, inside is a scroll full of old runes
a magical ogre-demon with a giant scimitar is sitting on a rotting log. he's pretty chill. if you ask nicely he'll give you a gem
Bone. [[Bone]] is the substance which the skeleton in front of you is made out of. Bone is also the substance which your skeleton is made out of, if you have one which huddles like a coward on the inside of your disgusting fleshfilth.\n\n<<if $spiderDoingLaundry eq true>>A long thread of twine runs from one eye of the skeleton and all the way over to the burnt-out bark of the tree. Across it are draped a number of very small robes.<<if $hasSpiderGem eq true>><<else>>One of the robes is encrusted with a beautiful sapphire, each the size of your thumbnail. You could just [[reach out and take it]].<<endif>>\n\nYou're standing in an old [[grove]].<<else>>The skull of the skeleton--the one in front of you, not the one inside of you--is wearing [[an eyepatch]] over its left eye.<<endif>>
[[Grassassins|grassassins]] are unwelcome in hospitals. It's sort in stark contradiction to some of the founding principles of most medical institutions, but there's been a lot of ugly history between the two groups.
Inside, you see a surprisingly logical cock pit, with [[control panels]] and a chair. Whoever uses that chair must have horrible posture by human standards. On the other side of the small space is a matching door [[to the outside|UFO]].
<<if $hasQuarter eq true>>The behatted arachnid sorcerer makes a loud sniffing noise, which is strange since you don't recall that spiders have noses to do that with.\n\n"Is that a... a quarter? I'm short one to do a load of laundry with. I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I took that, would you? Of course not. I'll even release the //hold person// spell as thanks."\n\nThe terror and magic that was holding you in place fades, and somehow the quarter that was in your pocket is now lying next to the spider, who carries it back into the skull. You hear the unmistakable sound of the spider [[teleporting away|teleportation spell]].<<set $hasQuarter = false>><<set $spiderDoingLaundry = true>><<set $hasSpiderGem = false>>\n\nYou're standing in an old [[grove]], in front of a skeleton.\n<<else>>"Look, I don't have time for this nonsense, I have to go find a quarter so I can get a load of laundry done before the sun rises and the were-washers and were-dryers turn back into wolves."\n\nThe spider begins incanting in the acorn language, you think, and then you hear the unmistakable sound of a [[transmute hiker to tree]] spell being cast on you.\n<<endif>>
It does, in fact, hurt when you try to safely go down the hillside. You foot gets caught in a muddy divot, and during your rapid tumbling descent down the hill you hear\n\nCrack!\n\nCrack!\n\nGrraaaCRACK!\n\nThis last noise is the sound of your own neck snapping.\n\n<<display 'game over'>>
You see a tree in the middle of the trail. As you get closer, you notice that it is greener than usual. <<if $gotDafoeGem neq true>>As you get even closer, you notice that 5 feet up from the ground, some sharp protrusions stick out from the otherwise smooth, slender trunk. Your Magic Eye instincts take over and you [[squint]]...<<else>>But other than that, it is quite a normal looking tree.<<endif>>\n\n<<clusterNav>>
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<html>\n<img src="img/foresttestdark.png"/>\n</html>\n\nThis isn't the first time you've done this hike. Sort of. Well, at least the [[dirt trail|TrailHead]] always looks welcoming.\n\n<<initStory>>\n<<set $numGems=0>>\n
<html><img src="img/purplegem.png"></html>\nThe note glows a bright purple, crumples itself up into a ball, and with a sharp //ping// turns into a gem.<<set $noteFried=true>><<set $numGems=$numGems+1>> You drop it in your pocket and return [[to the trail|lonely tree]].\n
You open the lock. What you see inside terrifies you so much that the moment your eyes avert, you forget it. Good for you.\n<<returnFromItem>><<set $hasUnlocked=1>>
For whatever insane reason, you decide to press the red button. Red. The universal color of danger, explosions, blood, stopping, and of course, bricks. Instantly, out of nowhere, a giant pile of bricks spawns from the ceiling of the UFO and falls upon your very much not brick-proof head. You can barely utter a "NOOO--" before your brain experiences a severe case of forcible crushing and ceases to function thoughts anymore.\n\n<<display 'game over'>>
You pick up the gem.<<set $tookKey=1>>\n<<returnFromItem>>
<html><img src="img/cave3.png"></html>\n\n[[Behind you|the stomach]] is a flickering echo of a bright pink light.\n\nThe sludge covering the walls seems heavier here, somehow. The walls purr in their slow way, and [[ahead|removed]] you can see small points of light.\n\nTo your left is a [[strange stone door]]. It stands out against the wall of slime.
a foggy valley\n\na fleeting encounter with something\n\n(a beautiful bird that flies by)\n(a mysterious person who runs away)\n\ntriggers a hasSeenWhatever toggle that enables them to be seen again in a normally empty node
You stumble upon a cabin in the woods. After two hours of sheer joy, you make a mental note to tell all your friends about this great movie.\n\n<<clusterNav>>
If this field were a baked good--perhaps some kind of [[cookie]] or a loaf of [[zucchini bread]]--it would burn in the next five to ten minutes.\n\nYou're standing in [[a clearing in the woods|clearing]].
Meat and skin and bone and hair and mucus, all sloughing off in great waves under the hot orange light of the skyfire.\n\nYou're standing near a [[couch|ugly couch]] in a forest [[clearing]].
In its heyday, you imagine that the [[couch|ugly couch]] might have been an electric bluish-greenish thing that lived in a comfortable apartment in a comfortable neighborhood in a comfortable city.\n\nMaybe a couple or a young family [[rolled]] themselves into a homogenous lump of cuddling, huddling [[fleshstuff]] in the evenings and bathed in the electric bluish-greenish fakelight of a videosquare. Or that seems like it would be nice.
You hop in your car, drop the gems into the gem intake gasket, and stick your finger inside the biometric ignition valve. Your car starts up and greets you with its condescending British accent. You drive home with zero regrets.\n\nYou finished the game with <<print $numGems>> gems. Someone in the world probably finished the game with <<print ($numGems*2)>> gems, so you should probably replay it and try harder. Maybe.
You step out of [[the cave|the darkness]], feeling slightly disoriented. The air has a strange smell to it here, or... no, you'd just gotten used to the smell of the interior of the cave. It should be easy to find you way back to [[the trail|cave]] from here.
You look closer at the walls of the [[cave entrance|the maw]], which seem to be dripping with water. You touch it with your hand: the water must be picking up dust or some kind of moss, since it has a certain thickness to it.
<html><img src="img/ufo.png"></html>\nWhat is this. A shiney, silver UFO. Almost too stereotypical to be real. The moonlight shines brightly upon its smooth hull that kinda reminds you of D&D peuter figurines. There are no windows, but maybe it's in an armored mode. Like that batmobile (tm) in that one Batman (tm) movie. You feel strangely compelled to [[touch it]].\n\n<<clusterNav>>
[[...|burnt-out tree]]
Close your eyes, and [[everything will be alright|pond]].\n\n<<if $pondGem neq true>><<set $pondGem=true>><<set $numGems=$numGems+1>>As you feel yourself rising out of the water, a gem hits your face and you grab it.<<endif>>
//Wet ingredients://\n- 1.5c sugar (vegan white, turbinado, coconut, etc.)\n- 6tbsp vegan margarine, melted (e.g., Earth Balance)\n- 2 eggs worth of binder (e.g.: 0.5c applesauce, 1 banana, 1tbsp Ener-G and 4tbsp water, etc.)\n- 0.25c plain or vanilla vegan yogurt of your choice (nondairy milk works fine)\n- 1tbsp lemon juice\n\n//Solids://\n- 2c zucchini, coarsely grated\n- 0.5c walnuts, coarsely chopped and toasted\n\n//Dry ingredients://\n- 2c all-purpose flour\n- 1tsp baking soda\n- 1tsp baking powder\n- 1tsp cinnamon\n- 1tsp allspice (or five spice)\n- 1tsp chili powder (yes, really.)\n- 0.5tsp salt\n\n//Directions://\n1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.\n2. Thoroughly mix the wet ingredients in a bowl and set aside.\n3. Prepare the zucchini (larger zucchini should first be cut in half and have their seeds removed) and apple using the large holes on a grater. Press them between several paper towels to remove some of the moisture.\n4. Whisk dry ingredients together.\n5. Combine the wet and dry mixes, then gently fold in the solids with a spatula.\n6. Coat a standard (~9x5) loaf pan with cooking spray and scrape the batter into the loaf pan with a spatula. Jiggle the loaf pan a bit until the surface is smooth.\n7. Bake for an hour, or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.\n8. Remove from loaf pan and let cool on a wire rack, covered with a towel, for an hour.\n\nYou're standing in [[a clearing in the woods|clearing]].
You sit down. Close your eyes and try to relax. Take a deep breath and hold it. Don't worry about the woods, they'll be here when you get back.\n\nLet me know when you're [[ready to continue]].
A thick coating of black saliva is the only evidence of the white-hot tongues of fire that once slowly licked away at the tree.\n\nA cylinder of [[nothingness]] has made its nest in what was once the center of the wooden behemoth, and a [[milk-white skeleton]] has in turn made a nest in the nothingness.
<html><img src="img/smallpond.png"/></html>\nA small pond exists in the middle of a small clearing. You wonder how it has managed to survive so long. The [[surface of the water]] sparkles with an unnatural toxic glow and is completely free of mosquitos.\n\n<<clusterNav>>
Indeed, it's the face of Wilhem Dafoe. In a tree. As green-ish bark. It's unmistakable.\n<<if $gotDafoeGem neq true>><<set $gotDafoeGem=true>><<set $numGems=$numGems+2>>\nThe bark-face Dafoe opens its mouth and spits out two gems. Just for you. You pick it up and wipe it off with your pant leg.\n<<endif>>\n\nYour entire body does a quick tremble and shake. You mutter to yourself, "weird," and [[head back to the trail|smooth tree]].
You speak the words, and the note fizzles into ash very unceremoniously. You return [[to the trail|lonely tree]].<<set $noteFried=true>>
<html><img src="img/bluegem.png"></html>\n\nIt was an ugly robe, anyway, so you're actually doing that wizard a favor. You pry the gem off of the robe and slip it into your pocket. <<set $numGems = $numGems + 1>><<set $hasSpiderGem = true>>\n\nYou're standing in an old [[grove]].
<html><img src="img/cave1.png"></html>\n\nThirty feet off the main trail is a rocky hill, where you can see a [[the maw]] of a cave yawning in the night.\n\n<<clusterNav>>
Probationary members of the foul grasshopper clan are not required to pay dues, so it's sort of a grey area as to whether or not they're hated by [[grassassins]].
cornfield\n\nnormally empty node that has the fleeting thing if the player saw it earlier in 'a foggy valley'
<html><img src="img/shrine1.png"></html>\n\na shrine with some sort of small puzzle to open a reliquary of some kind
You insert a gem into the divot and the door opens. Beyond lies darkness. You feel yourself being drawn it, at first by something like curiosity, and then by thousands of small inky appendages that tightly grip you all over and drag you inward.\n\nThe door slams shut.\n\n<<display 'game over'>>
Long, delicate spirals of cheap orange iron erupt from the blue-green upholstery and [[trace a path from the innards]] of the couch.\n\n<<if $openedCouch eq true>>The fabric around the springs has been torn away like wrapping paper, revealing stuffing and dirt on the interior.<<else>>The fabric around the hole that the springs are coming from is [[loose and frayed]].<<endif>>\n\nYou're standing near a [[couch|ugly couch]] in a forest [[clearing]].
The grassassin prestige class is for 8th-level grasskin or any character with the flora subtype and access to a grassassin mentor.\n\nWielding their deadly grass blades to tremendous effect, grassassins can easily bypass heavy armor to strike at enemy vitals. (Sneak attack damage: 1d6/level)\n\nAlso renowned for their musical abilities, grassassins are skilled at playing reed flutes by vibrating their own bodies at high frequencies. A sight to behold, traveling grassassins bands are welcome in any castle or keep. However, this show of [[hospitality]] is generally how grassassins are able to get close enough to their targets to attack them.\n\nTheir most hated enemies are members of the [[foul grasshopper clan]].\n\nYou're standing in [[a clearing in the woods|clearing]].
The pipe itself spirals out of the hill like the horn of a narwhal, and from a distance looks to be covered in rust and moss.\n\n<<if $hasRope eq true>>With some rope, you could safely [[climb down the hillside]].<<else>>The hillside is steep, and a little soggy-looking. It never [[hurts to try]], but you're not sure that you could safely navigate down the hillside from here.<<endif>>\n\nYou're standing on [[a rainworn hill|hill]].
The large rim of the hat casts a wide band of shadow around his black hair. His long, tattered black hair almost covers up his ears and his years. You can barely see his neck. The collar of his black jacket wraps around him tightly, but the rest of it seems unbuttoned. His shoes are not visible under the leaves.\n\nHe still does not move. His [[right arm]] slightly twitches.
This game was made for MolyJam 2013 in San Francisco, based on this quote:\n\n"I used to have this chat-up line, my only chat-up line. Imagine you're walking on a path - what's the path like? Imagine you go to the woods - what does the forest look like?" --Peter Molyneux\n\nThe game is different each time you play the game. You will most likely need to play it many times to beat it, and definitely to experience all the content. Enjoy!\n\nThe game was made by:\nMatthew R. F. Balousek @mrfb\nRegina Mako @reginamako\nSteven An @steverockan
You step to the right, keeping your eyes on him and keeping your distance. You keep circling him, slowly, but somehow, he keeps his back to you.\n\nYou feel a [[shout building up]] inside of you, but part of you thinks you should just [[walk away|left of the man]].
<html><img src="img/standingman.png"></html>\nTo your right is a tree. There is [[a man standing there]], with his back to you. Is he taking a piss or something?\n\n<<clusterNav>>
Uh oh. The tree begins to warp and twist and shout obscenities at you...\n\n"NO EVERYONE ALWAYS GUESSES THAT WHY WHY WHY DO I REALLY LOOK THAT WEIRD??"\n\nYou hear a loud crack above you, and a branch drops upon your head. For a moment you think you may be alright, but then a moment later you black out.\n\n<<display 'game over'>>
<<if $hasSewerGem eq true>><<else>><html><img src="img/redgem.png"></html>\n\n<<endif>>You tie the rope to a sturdy looking tree and throw the other end down the hillside. The climb down is easy, but a little muddy. From here, it's easy to see the inside of the sewer pipe: it goes back about five feet and then is sealed off by a solid iron grate. Behind the grate is darkness.\n\n<<if $hasSewerGem eq true>>There's nothing else here.<<else>>In front of the grate, however, is a large chunk of ruby. It fits comfortably in your pocket. <<set $numGems = $numGems + 1>><<set $hasSewerGem = true>><<endif>>\n\nYou begin to [[climb back up the hill|hill]].
try {\n\n// All cluster roots must be listed here. The order does not matter. When the player starts the story, these will be randomly shuffled so they will be experienced in random order.\nvar rootTitles =\n[\n'pond',\n'cabin',\n'occupied tree',\n'UFO',\n'lonely tree',\n'smooth tree',\n'clearing',\n'hill',\n'grove',\n'cave'\n];\n\nvar numClustersPerStory = 6;\nvar numGemsNeeded = 3;\n\n// Randomized story state - do not edit manually\nvar lastPos = -1;\nvar currPos = -1;\nvar maxVisitedPos = -1;\nvar keyPos = -1;\nvar lockPos = -1;\nvar lastItemPassageTitle = '';\n\nversion.extensions['steveForestExtensions'] = { \n major:1, minor:0, revision:0 \n};\n\nfunction randomInt( a, b )\n{\n return a + Math.floor( Math.random() * (b-a) );\n}\n\n// Copied from\nfunction shuffle(array) {\n var counter = array.length, temp, index;\n\n // While there are elements in the array\n while (counter > 0) {\n // Pick a random index\n index = Math.floor(Math.random() * counter);\n\n // Decrease counter by 1\n counter--;\n\n // And swap the last element with it\n temp = array[counter];\n array[counter] = array[index];\n array[index] = temp;\n }\n\n return array;\n}\n\nfunction getStateVar(name)\n{\n return state.history[0].variables[name];\n}\n\nfunction SetStateVar(name, value)\n{\n state.history[0].variables[name] = value;\n}\n\nfunction getPassageTitle()\n{\n return state.history[0].passage.title;\n}\n\nfunction GetNumGems()\n{\n return getStateVar("numGems");\n}\n\nfunction FindByRootTitle(title)\n{\n for( var i = 0; i < rootTitles.length; i++ )\n {\n if( rootTitles[i] == title )\n return i;\n }\n return -1;\n}\n\nfunction GetCurrentClusterNumber()\n{\n var i = FindByRootTitle(getPassageTitle());\n if( i != -1 )\n return i;\n else\n return currPos;\n}\n\nmacros['clusterNav']=\n{\n handler:function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler)\n {\n currPos = GetCurrentClusterNumber();\n\n lastPos = currPos;\n\n maxVisitedPos = Math.max( maxVisitedPos, currPos );\n\n new Wikifier( place, "You have "+GetNumGems()+ " gems. ");\n\n if( currPos > 0 )\n new Wikifier( place, "Behind you is the [["+rootTitles[currPos-1]+"]]. ");\n\n if( currPos+1 < numClustersPerStory )\n {\n if( currPos+1 <= maxVisitedPos )\n new Wikifier( place, "Ahead, the trail continues to the [["+rootTitles[currPos+1]+"]]. ");\n else\n new Wikifier( place, "Ahead, the trail continues [[elsewhere|"+rootTitles[currPos+1]+"]]. ");\n }\n else\n {\n if( GetNumGems() < numGemsNeeded )\n {\n new Wikifier( place, "The trail comes to an end and you can see your car in the distance. Unfortunately, you still need to find "+(numGemsNeeded-GetNumGems())+ " more gems to power your future car. You should probably look for more in the woods.");\n }\n else\n {\n new Wikifier( place, "The trail comes to an end and you can see your car in the distance. You have enough gems to start it up and [[go home|WinGameScreen]]." );\n }\n }\n }\n}\n\n// This macro should only be called at Start\nmacros['initStory'] =\n{\n handler:function( place )\n {\n shuffle(rootTitles);\n\n lockPos = randomInt(0, numClustersPerStory );\n keyPos = (lockPos + randomInt(1, numClustersPerStory-1)) % numClustersPerStory;\n SetStateVar("numGems", 0);\n }\n}\n\nmacros['maybeItem'] =\n{\n handler:function( place )\n {\n var activeNum = GetCurrentClusterNumber();\n if( activeNum == lockPos && !getStateVar("hasUnlocked") )\n {\n new Wikifier( place, "You see a locked box. " );\n if( getStateVar("tookKey") == 1 )\n {\n new Wikifier( place, "Your key will probably [[open it|OpenLock]]. " );\n }\n }\n else if( activeNum == keyPos && !getStateVar("tookKey"))\n new Wikifier( place, "You see a [[key|KeyPassage]]. " );\n\n lastItemPassageTitle = getPassageTitle();\n }\n}\n\nmacros['returnFromItem'] =\n{\n handler:function(place)\n {\n new Wikifier( place, "Great. Go back to [["+lastItemPassageTitle+"]]." );\n }\n}\n\nmacros['debugRootTitles'] =\n{\n handler:function(place)\n {\n new Wikifier(place, "DEBUGGING: ");\n for( var i = 0; i < rootTitles.length; i++ )\n {\n new Wikifier(place, "[["+rootTitles[i]+"]], ");\n }\n }\n}\n\n} catch(e) {\n throwError(place,"macrodemo Setup Error: "+e.message); \n}\n
[[Bone|milk-white skeleton]] is also an excellent comic book by the very talented Jeff Smith.
"Hi there!"\n\nSilence.\n\n[[3 seconds pass]].\n\n
<html><img src="img/skeletonforest.png"></html>\n\nYou find yourself in a part of the wood which is full of older, more ponderous trees. A dull suggestion of [[moonlight]] drips down to the [[forest floor]] from several hundred feet above you, splashing in a trickling plop onto an ivory glint lying in a [[burnt-out tree]].\n\n<<clusterNav>>
<html><img src="img/eyepatchskull.png"></html>\n\nEyepatches are sort of "in" with skeletons right now. No, I don't really get it either.\n\nThis one doesn't seem to be magical, though; the eyes of a magical skeleton burn with an unsacred ghostfire. That's not happening here.\n\nYou can imagine that it would be pretty cool with the eyepatch, though. You wonder if wisps of unsacred ghostfire would just sort of slip out along the edges of the eyepatch, or if blocking off one side would make the other side flare out with more intensity.\n\nMaybe you would look cool wearing the eyepatch, too. <<if $metSpiderWizard eq true>>It's probably a bad idea to disturb the spider wizard who lives in the skull, though.\n\nYou're standing in an old [[grove]].<<else>>This skeleton probably wouldn't mind if you [[borrow]] its eyepatch. But you could [[leave it alone|burnt-out tree]], if you prefer.<<endif>>
The countless sins of humanity rise up from our collective corporeal containments and coalesce in the cruel coldness of space. Once there, they begin to lose their cohesion and reform into the sinsphere, which radiates such a sinister slathering of shame that the rock we live on is heated and lit sufficiently so long as it is under the unblinking watch of Sol.\n\nIt follows, then, that the moon is a sort of kidney stone: a calcified spaghetti ball of wailing ghosts as they wander too close to the sinsphere.\n\nThe hateful light of the everburning skyfire as it reflects off Luna has difficulty penetrating the depths of the ancient places, though, like the old [[grove]] that you're standing in.
You dive headfirst into the pool of acid slime. It's a refreshing feeling to have your body rapidly disintegrate into its constituent elements. You can take comfort that the slime will surely be nourished for a long while on your sumptuous flesh.\n\n<<display 'game over'>>
Though sunbleached, it seems like it was a [[vivid blue-green]] once upon a time. The top parts are a minty shade of seafoam, now. A few [[rusty springs]] jut out like broken bones on the far side, but the [[near side]] looks like it might be [[comfortable]].\n\nYou're standing in [[a clearing in the woods|clearing]].
<html><img src="img/cave2.png"></html>\n\nThe pink light grows brighter as you proceed down the tunnel. Your vision begins to adapt, and in the light you can see that the all of the walls are dripping with a sort of thick sludge that plots down in great gobs.\n\nYou're not sure how it gets back up once it drops.\n\nThe light seems warm, pleasant, [[inviting|the stomach]].\n\nOf course, it's not too late to [[go back|the maw]].
You shout: "HEY! HEY YOU THERE!"\n\n5 seconds pass.\n\n\n\n\n\n1\n\n\n\n\n2\n\n\n\n\n\n3\n\n\n\n\n4\n\n\n\n\n//woooooooooshh// He spins around and gets in your face so fast you barely have time to register that his left eye is missing all you hear is his ear piercing growl "WHERE IS MY EYE. A GEM FOR AN EYE."\n\n<<if $numGems lt 1>>\nWithout thinking your hands reach into your pockets and take out all your gems. You look down and see..none.\n\nThis is the last thing you see.\n\n<<display 'game over'>>\n<<else>>\nBefore you know it, the man reaches into your pockets and steals one of your gems.<<set $numGems=$numGems-1>> He almost instantly returns to his tree, with his back to you, as if nothing ever happened at all. You see a small cloud of dust and [[a note|note left by man]].\n<<endif>>
...and...what? Is that a nose? Is that..a chin? Yes, yes, it appears to be...a face...of someone...someone you know...not as in a friend, but a famous person...but you can't quite put your finger on it.\n\nSuddenly, it emits a loud thought into your brain, and demands of you, "What is my name?"\n\nYou answer..\n- [[Cyrano|face game over]]\n- [[The Wicked Witch|face game over]]\n- [[Ted Danson|face game over]]\n- [[Wilhem Dafoe]]\n- [[Batman|face game over]]\n- [[Screw this and run the hell away|smooth tree]]
It's chilly in here, but the air is dry. You look around and see that the walls of the cave are [[wet with condensation]], though. Strange.\n\nThe moonlight only illuminates the first few feet of the cave, but in the dim light you can see a number of [[sharp stalagmites]] and a reflection of a shallow pool of water. Beyond that is darkness. You might be able to [[follow the cave wall|the throat]], or you can head back [[outside|cave]].