This is What We Did in Our Class

Video Index and Transcripts

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Author Videos

"Opening Wheels"
By Daniel Anderson

A performance screencast on the teaching philosophy associated with the class.

"Performance and Portfolios"
By Daniel Anderson

An overview discussing scholarship on performance and portfolios.

"Composition: Revisiting the Process"
By Jackclyn Ngo

Jackclyn Ngo describes the composition of her mashup.

"Composition: Mashing and Remixing"
By Kyle Stevens

Kyle Stevens discusses juxtaposition and complementarity in mashups.

"Performances and Processes"
By Daniel Anderson

A look at processes and emergent knowledge as they relate to performance and composing.

By Kyle Stevens

An exploration of the ways collaboration relates to performing, composing, and learning.

"Litception: Reflection on a Web Essay Collaboration"
By Sydney Stegall

Sydney Stegall explores a group essay and presentation.

"Creativity and Flow"
By Jackclyn Ngo

Jackclyn Ngo presents research on flow and discusses class projects and creativity.

"Improvisation, Creativity, and Performance"
By Daniel Anderson

A look at improvisation and performance, focusing on a portfolio screencast by Sarah Brady.

By Daniel Anderson

Reflections perform learning through their composition, as we see in Hannah Easley's portfolio screencast.
"Casting Learning into Flowing Streams"
By Daniel Anderson

Screencasts blur modes and genres, opening new registers for telling stories.

Selected Portfolio Materials

"Aladdin and Blow"
By Austin Cooper

Austin Cooper reports that his experience in the class changed his thinking about composition; here is his mashup.

"Ely & Elija"
By Sarah Brady

In her portfolio reflection, Sarah Brady discusses this screencast on The Road.

"Web Essay Screencast"
By Sean Mattio

Sean Mattio reflects on composing his Web essay.

"Watchmen & Vietnam Screencast"
By Katie Meyer

Katie Meyer's essay on Watchmen.

"My Precious"
By Jackclyn Ngo

Jackclyn Ngo's mashup of Juno and The Lord of the Rings.

"The Road Down Katrina"
By Austin Shaw

Austin Shaw's screencast on The Road.

"The Darko Side of Harry Potter"
By Sydney Stegall

Sydney Stegall's mashup of The Sorcerer's Stone and Donnie Darko.

"This is What I Did in My Portfolio"
By Hannah Easley

Hannah Easley reflects on composing mashups and screencasts.

"All the Heroes"
By Kelley Wollman

Kelly Wollman's screencast on Watchmen.

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