Erick James

As a summer job in the late 90’s I apprenticed in a metal fabrication shop building off-road trucks  This experience gave me the first taste of what would become quite a passion for me:  gears, sprockets, cogs and chain.

My first piece was a tulip, welded from old bolts and bearing races.  I find the inner workings of machines: the gears, the sprockets, the cogs lend themselves perfectly to the organic form of a flower and I know organic.  I am a research scientist with a Master’s degree in Zoology.  After a day in the lab filled with experiments, hypotheses and the rigors of the scientific method, I can explore another part of my psyche by simply creating with the hammer and anvil, crucible and furnace or plasma torch and welder.

Education has always been a core value of mine; in addition to a Master’s in Zoology, I continuously upgrade my technical skills with welding, machining, and blacksmithing classes.  In 2008, I graduated with honours from the Kootenay School of the Arts Metal program and upon graduating won the Circle Craft Co-Operative Scholarship for metal.

            Raised in Steveston, British Columbia, I currently reside in Victoria.


2008    Kootenay School of the Arts at Selkirk College - Metal Certificate

1999    University of British Columbia - M.Sc Zoology

1995    University of British Columbia - B.Sc Biology



2014    Rookery & Roost: City of Richmond Public Art

2009    I Think: Dr. Patrick Keeling , University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

2008    Geodesic Dome: Alderwood House School, Richmond B.C.

2006    Heron: London Lane Development Corporation, Richmond B.C.

2005    Bridge Troll: London Landing, Richmond B.C.


2009    Brass Band-Aid

2009    Pediatstrum

2007    Heron

2007    Octopus Gate

2007    Fish Arbor

Exhibitions and Craft Fairs

2015    Spark! emerging collisions between art & science

2015/2014    Science World, Invisible Portraits, November 17- March 30

2014    Pure Beauty. Science and Your Inner Artist. Panel Discussion. Beaty Biodivesity Museum.

2014    Paradigm Shift: AMS Art Gallery

2014    Beaty Biodiversity, Invisible Portraits. Museum February - May

2013    International Congress of Protistology XIV July 29 – Aug 2

2009    Circle Craft - 2008 Student Scholarship Recipients Exhibit

2008    One of a Kind Vancouver – Kootenay School of the Arts Graduates

2008    Kootenay School of the Arts at Selkirk College Graduating Class Exhibition: READY – Touchstones Nelson, Museum of Art and History

2008    Urban Artisans Craft Fair - Roundhouse Community Arts Centre (Juried)

2008    Farmers & Artisans Market – Steveston, B.C.

2007    Kootenay School of the Arts - Student Christmas Show and Sale

2007    Nelson District Arts Council - Kootenay Artisans Christmas Market (Juried)

2004    Richmond Art Gallery - Artists Among Us Exhibition (Juried)

2003    Richmond Art Gallery - Artists Among Us Exhibition (Juried)


2008 Circle Craft Student Scholarship

Media Coverage

2014    Breakfast Televison. Invisible Portraits.

2014    Global BC, Art from a Petri Dish.

2014    24 Hours Vancouver. UBC researchers turn science into art.

2014    UBC Science. Beauty and the Microbe on YouTube

2014    Eye of the Beholder. UBC Science

2014    Breakfast Television. A Tour of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum

2013  I guess it might look like this if microves were to suit up like Iron Man.

2013    Small Things Considered. American Society for Microbiology

Germs and bacteria beautified in Invisible Portraits (The Ubyssey)

2010    Thieves steal Rasmus (Richmond Review, Richmond News)

2009    CBC North by Northwest Interview

2009    Circle Craft Gallery Reviews

2008    Nelson Daily News, April 29

2008    Nelson Daily News, February 21

2007   Nelson Daily News, December 12

2006    Kool Thing article in November 16, 2006 issue of The Georgia Straight.


2005    My belt buckles were part of a Vancouver magazine  shopping article.





 I shared a feature article in the Arts & Entertainment section of the Richmond Review with my sister Jennifer James.