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0h game jam

Be sure to click on the game so it has focus!
Press "space" to jump.
Jump over the grey box.
Refresh the page to start over.
The goal: make a game in zero hours. Actually one hour, but the idea was to take advantage of the time change and make the game between 2:00 AM and 2:00 AM :)
This is what I managed to come up with... I think there is enough to technically count it as a game. It is missing some niceties like waiting for you to be ready to start, but I wanted to stick to the rules and I didn't get to that sort of thing within the hour. I had no idea what I was going to do going into this, it ended up heading toward a sort of "Moon Patrol" inspired thing, I guess.
I probably could have spent a little less time on the scenery, given the time constraint, but hey, look at those pretty flowers!