OddJob the Robot

OddJob is a simple autonomous robot based on the ATMega8 RISC Microcontroller from Atmel.

Partial parts list:

  • Hamamatsu P5587 IR sensor.
  • Atmel ATMega8L Microcontroller.
  • Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller
  • Solarbotics GM7 GM10 geared pager motors.
  • Brass tube, heatshrink tubing and stiff wire for 'whisker'
  • Servo horn wheels with rubber band tyres.
The design goal with OddJob was simply to build something a little smaller than I had previously. It just fits into a 3"x3"x3" cube.

ObbJob uses a homebrew collision sensor 'whisker':

OddJob has an optical sensor underneath suitable for line following. Currently it's configured to remain trapped within a line of black tape. See the video below.




Feel free to email me (Dan Piponi) at stirfry (at) sigfpe.com.
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