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Adding a downmixed audio track (AC3 -> AAC) while keeping the original?_- (an audio track can only be manually added – Subler only supports automatic conversion of the embedded audio tracks; you can't instruct it not to overwrite the original track)_+ (must be manually configured to do so)_+ (does it automatically)_- _-
Chapters: Chapter list_+ (by default, chapter list is imported from MKV's)_- (works in VLC, though)_+ _+ (“Track configuration and chapters” must be explicitly enabled!)_-
Chapter thumbnails (if not present, QT dynamically generates; iTunes doesn't)_+ (works just great in iTunes too)_- _- _- (nothing shown in iTunes)_-
Automatic chapter insertion_+ (Edit > Insert a Chapter > Every X minute)_- _- _- _-
Benchmarks: One audio track (+ additional optimization)5m:58s (to 2-ch AAC); 6:07 (to multichannel AAC)7m:40sn/a (can't make it in any (!!) way to transfer one track only). With an MKV with removed audio track (and only leaving the 5.1 in), 24m:18s13m:48s4m:20s (2ch AC3 -> 2-channel AAC; iPad 3 preset, everything auto); 5m:18s (5.1 -> 2ch AAC, iPad 3 preset, manually selected 5.1 AC3 input); 8m:32s (to AAC 5.1 – the 1080p Mac MOV preset)
Two audio tracks (+ additional optimization)6m:10s (+5m:20s) 12m:50sn/a12m:55s (measured twice); with chapters: 17m:11sn/a
Four audio tracks (+ additional optimization)7m:0s (measured twice)18m:50s51m:24sn/a (up to two tracks can be converted)n/a
Subs: External SRT subs_+ (must be manually added)_+ (must be manually added)_- _+ _-
Embedded textual subtitles_+ _+ _+ _- _- (sees the Monsters track to be present but the output doesn't contain subs in any mode (tested: iPad 3 and Mac 1080p modes)
Embedded VobSub subtitles_+ (can both OCR them or just pass-thru – excellent!)_+ _- _- _-
Embedded Blu-ray subtitles_- (unfortunately, doesn't tell you before conversion / upon import, only after saving. Nevertheless, you will only run into this problem if you explicitly import BD subs – which is disabled by default)_- _- _- _-
Batch modePoor: you need to open every single input file. The only batching tool you can have is the queue, to which you need to explicitly add the worked-on title instead of saving it immediately.Excellent: can configure both track selection (e.g., “first”, “all” audio/subs, conversion / pass-thru parameters for different audio types, based on their being either multichannel or stereo. Then, just drag-and-drop, no manual configuration of each input file is needed)Excellent: you configure in Settings whether you need all subs/audio, no subs or audio/subs in your language only. Then, you can just drag-and-drop the source filesExcellent, unless you want to enable converting a second audio track. Then, it must be enabled on a file-by-file basis. Note that, should you want to enable chapter info preservation and/or other, generic settings (iDevice / ATV target; mp4 vs. m4v), you can just mass-select the videos in the left pane (Cmd+A works) and, then, change the setting to the desired one.Excellent