<<print '[[return to '+$place+'|'+$place+']]'>>
You swim up to the CORAL. A [[BASHFUL-LOOKING LADY]] is hanging out here. She looks at you with INTEREST. Maybe there haven't been any NEW CUTTLEFISH in this area recently.
You go down a bit deeper. It is DARK here but you can still see a few things.\n\nAnother DUDE CUTTLEFISH is here. You eye each other nervously. You figure that this is probably not his TURF because this is not really a place you'd like to live, so you're safe for now.\n\nYou are swimming above some [[DIRT]]. A [[TASTY FISH|TASTYFISH]] swims by above you. <<set tale.get('TASTYFISH').rerender()>>\n\nThere probably isn't a reason for you to stay here. You could go to the [[ROCKS]] or to the [[CORAL]]. <<set $colours["[[DIRT]]"] = true>>\n\n<<display Menu>>
Right now you look like <<print $colour>>.\n\n<<print "The colours you know are: "+Object.keys($colours).join(", ")>>.
You love CORAL. It's the best. You always wanted to have a CORAL HOME but the bigger cuttlefish claim the nicest spots. Maybe someday you'll be big enough to do it yourself.\n\nIf you wanted, you could [[change your colour to the CORAL]].\n\n<<display restore>>
<<display Inventory>> <<set $place = state.history[0].passage.title>> <<silently>>\n<<set tale.get('skin').rerender()>>\n<<set tale.get('dudefish').rerender()>>\n<<endsilently>>
You swim up to some ROCKS. There are FISH here but they are not TASTY fish and are therefore BORING. <<if $colour == "BORING FISH">>A BORING FISH swims up to you. You're not sure if it's confused or if it's even thinking at all. You stare at each other for what feels like hours.<<endif>> <<set $colours["[[BORING FISH]]"] = true>>\n\nYou could go to the [[CORAL]] or travel a little [[DEEPER]].\n\n<<display Menu>>
You are now coloured like a TASTY FISH. You're not really sure what this will accomplish. Dumb fish usually can't see in colour, so you doubt it would fool anyone. <<set $colour = "[[TASTY FISH]]">>\n\n<<display restore>>
You are in an OCEAN. It is WET.\n\nThere is nothing here. It is BORING. You also don't see any [[LADY CUTTLEFISH|about lady cuttlefish]].\n\nThere are some [[ROCKS]] to the north, and some [[CORAL]] to your east. It's pretty.<<silently>>\n<<set $inventory = ["[[eight arms]]", "[[colour-changing skin|skin]]", "lust"]>>\n<<set $arms = "relaxed">>\n<<set $colours = {"YOURSELF": true}>>\n<<set $colour = "YOURSELF">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<<display Menu>>
This fish looks DELICIOUS.\n\n<<if $caught == true>> You're feeling pretty full though. <<else>> <<if $colour == "[[DIRT]]">> <<display "catch fish">> <<endif>> <<if $colour == "CORAL">> <<display "miss fish coral">> <<endif>> <<if $colour == "BORING FISH">> <<display "miss fish boring">> <<endif>> <<if $colour == "[[TASTY FISH]]">> <<display "miss fish tasty">> <<endif>> <<if $colour == "YOURSELF" || $colour == "[[LADY CUTTLEFISH]]">> <<display "miss fish">> <<endif>> <<endif>>\n\n<<set $colours["[[TASTY FISH]]"] = true>> <<display restore>>
You try to swim past the DUDE CUTTLEFISH but he turns towards you and waves menacingly with his tentacles. The DUDE CUTTLEFISH is not dumb and your DIRT disguise did not work not hardly at all. You slink away in shame.
You have: <<print $inventory.join(", ")>>.
It's pretty cool. You can change your skin so it looks like any pattern you've seen before. <<display skintext>>\n\n<<display restore>>
LADY CUTTLEFISH colour is SEXY. You like it. This is a popular colour worn by GIRLS and also LADIES, and it tends to make the DUDE CUTTLEFISH feel hot.\n\nIf you wanted, you could [[change your colour to the LADY CUTTLEFISH]].\n\n<<display restore>>
You keep totally still and wait until the fish swims right above you. When it's close, you shoot out your TENTACLES. Your suckers grab on to the fish and sting it with poison, so it stops fighting. You pull it back towards you and eat. It's GREAT. <<set $caught = true>>
You remember the colours of the BORING FISH. You kind of wish you didn't.\n\nIf you wanted you could [[change your colour to the BORING FISH]].\n\n<<display restore>>
You wait for the fish to swim right above you. Unfortunately it notices you immediately, since you're the only coral-coloured object in the area. It escapes to safety, while you feel hungrier.
You try to swim past the DUDE CUTTLEFISH.\n\nUnfortunately your coral disguise is INCREDIBLY INEFFECTIVE and the sight of moving coral tips him off immediately to your attempted subterfuge. He chases you away and you feel depressed that you could not find a solution using CORAL.
You now look like a LADY CUTTLEFISH. This makes you feel kind of funny and you worry that maybe you shouldn't like looking like this. Which you do. <<set $colour = "[[LADY CUTTLEFISH]]">>\n\n<<display restore>>
The DUDE CUTTLEFISH gazes at you with a look of approval. You, he clearly thinks, are ONE FINE LADY.\n\nHe swims up to you and caresses you with his TENTACLES. He turns you around to face him, then places one of his TENTACLES in your mouth. SOMETHING comes out of the tentacle and goes down your throat. You feel funny.\n\nThe DUDE CUTTLEFISH swims away, bored. You can see a few solitary LADY CUTTLEFISH swimming [[near the CORAL]]. The coral is pretty and also so are the ladies.
<<if $colour == "[[DIRT]]">> <<display "swim past dirt">> <<endif>> <<if $colour == "BORING FISH">> <<display "swim past boring">> <<endif>> <<if $colour == "[[TASTY FISH]]">> <<display "swim past tasty">> <<endif>> <<if $colour == "CORAL">> <<display "swim past coral">> <<endif>>\n\n<<display restore>>
body\n{ background-image:url('http://dl.dropbox.com/u/79581979/coral.jpg');\nbackground-repeat:no-repeat;\nbackground-color:black;\nbackground-position:center top;\n}\n\nhtml.js body div#main-container\n{\nbackground-color:rgba(0,0,0,0.5);\nbox-shadow: 0 0 30px black;\ncolor:white;\n}\n\nhtml.js body div#main-container a:link\n{\ncolor:#999999;\n}\n\nhtml.js body div#header-container\n{\nbackground-color:transparent;\nbox-shadow: none;\nborder-bottom: transparent;\n}\n\nhtml.js body div#footer-container\n{\nbackground-color:transparent;\nbox-shadow: none;\nborder-top: transparent;\n}\n\nhtml.js body div#header-container header.wrapper nav ul li a#snapback\n{\ndisplay:none;\n}\n\nhtml.js body div#header-container header.wrapper nav ul li a#restart\n{\nbackground-color:transparent;\n}\n\nhtml.js\n{\nbackground-color:transparent;\n}\n\n::selection\n{\nbackground: #333333;\n}\n\n::-moz-selection\n{\nbackground: #333333;\n}
You try to swim past the DUDE CUTTLEFISH.\n\nHe doesn't look impressed. Your BORING FISH impression is incredibly unconvincing since BORING FISH are never shaped the same as cuttlefish. He chases you away and you feel depressed for having even tried.
You now look like a cuttlefish-shaped BORING FISH. You're not sure why you would want to. <<set $colour = "BORING FISH">>\n\n<<display restore>>
You reach out to the LADY with your tentacles and gently turn her to face you. She doesn't resist and you think that that is probably a GOOD SIGN. While holding her, you reach out with your SEXY TENTACLE and feel around her mouth until you find her PRIVATE PLACE. You tingle. You've never done this before.\n\nYou spasm a little bit as one of your SPERM SACS comes out of the TENTACLE and enters her PRIVATE PLACE. You hold on to her for a moment, then let go. [[It's over.|CONGRATULATIONS]]
You are now coloured like CORAL. It's possible that DUMB FISH could mistake you for being coral, though the disguise probably won't work if you actually try to move with it. <<set $colour = "CORAL">>\n\n<<display restore>>
You swim up to the DUDE CUTTLEFISH. You feel a bit nervous.\n\n<<if $arms == "relaxed">> <<display "disguise failed">> <<endif>> <<if $arms == "folded">> <<display "disguise success">> <<endif>>
CONGRATULATIONS!\n\nYou have, for the first time, MADE IT with a LADY CUTTLEFISH, and all you had to do was disguise yourself as one. You swim away, feeling exhilarated.\n\n(You don't change your colour back yet, though. Somehow you feel like you like this.)\n\nTHE END
It's dirt.\n\nThis is a pretty good disguise, actually. Dumb colourblind fish still usually fall for it and it makes you hard to see. If you want, you could [[change your colour to DIRT]].\n\n<<display restore>>
You are now at the CORAL. This is a nice place and you like it.\n\nUnfortunately there is a [[DUDE CUTTLEFISH|DUDEFISH]] nearby. He is way bigger than you and that is BAD NEWS. You could never fight him. You do see some LADY CUTTLEFISH but they are in his TURF and therefore out of your league. This sucks.\n\nYou could slink back to the [[ROCKS]] or sink [[DEEPER]] in despair. <<set $colours["[[LADY CUTTLEFISH]]"] = true>> <<set $colours["[[CORAL|CORAL COLOUR]]"] = true>>\n\n<<display Menu>>
You are looking for LADY CUTTLEFISH. They are SEXY and also they are capable of making BABIES. You think you would like to have one.\n\n<<display restore>>
The DUDE CUTTLEFISH reaches out for you with his TENTACLES. Before they touch you, though, he glances down at your ARMS and recoils in disgust. Eight arms! This is the SUREST SIGN of a dude.\n\nHe makes a menacing gesture and you swim away quickly.\n\n<<display restore>>
This colour makes you HUNGRY even though you ate recently. You like tasty fish.\n\nIf you wanted, you could [[change your colour to the TASTY FISH]].\n\n<<display restore>>
This DUDE CUTTLEFISH is HUGE. You can see why he has so many LADIES. You figure he is probably pretty strong. <<set tale.get('swim up to DUDE CUTTLEFISH').rerender()>>\n\n* [[Fight DUDE CUTTLEFISH]]\n<<if $colour == "[[LADY CUTTLEFISH]]">> * [[swim up to DUDE CUTTLEFISH]] <<endif>> <<if $colour != "YOURSELF" && $colour != "[[LADY CUTTLEFISH]]">> * [[swim past]] <<endif>>\n\n<<display restore>>
You wait for the fish to swim right above you, but before it does the fish notices you and swims away. You curse your luck. You wanted that fish.
You fold your arms close to your body.\n\nWhen you do this it's hard to see two of them. This makes you look kind of like a LADY. You're not sure how you feel about that. <<set $arms = "folded">>\n\n<<display restore>>
You wait for the fish to swim right above you. Unfortunately, the tasty fish are colourblind and fail to recognize the colour pattern of the BORING FISH. As a result, all the fish sees is you. It flees, leaving you fishless.
That is a TERRIBLE idea and you don't want to die. You figure that your chance of success is essentially zero.\n\nA cuttlefish only gets this big by living for a long time, so he's probably fought a lot of fights in his day. You bet he has like a million kids. You seethe in jealousy for a bit.\n\n<<display restore>>
You have EIGHT ARMS. This is a thing of dudes.\n\nYou could [[relax your arms]] if you wanted to. You could also try [[folding your arms]].\n\n<<display restore>>
Passage.prototype.rerender = function ()\n{ \nif (place = $("passage"+this.title))\n{\n removeChildren(place);\n var rerender = this.render();\n place.innerHTML = rerender.innerHTML;\n}\nreturn rerender;\n};
You wait for the fish to swim right above you. Unfortunately, the tasty fish are colourblind. The fish fails to recognize its own pattern, and simply sees you as a cuttlefish. It flees, leaving you fishless.
You approach the BASHFUL-LOOKING LADY. She sticks around, which is PROMISING. She has a beautiful-looking EGG SAC and you figure that she would probably be GREAT at having babies. You hope she's not already pregnant.\n\nSince she doesn't mind you being around, you think you have a chance if you [[try to mate with her]].
Ms. Tea
You relax your arms, letting them float freely in the water like you JUST DON'T BOTHER. <<set $arms = "relaxed">>\n\n<<display restore>>
You try to swim past the DUDE CUTTLEFISH. Unfortunately your TASTY FISH disguise actually draws his attention when he notices you from the corner of his eye. He swims towards you.\n\nWhen he notices that you're actually a cuttlefish he chases you away. You feel SAD and wonder if you could have picked a better colour.
You now look essentially like DIRT. Dumb fish beware.\n\n<<set $colour = "[[DIRT]]">><<display restore>>