“I used to drive through Centralia, Pennsylvania, the town with the underground mine fires that the government eventually bought out... Sinkhole, directed by Eric Scherbarth, captures the spookiness of that burning town on film. The production values were excellent.” - NC Flix (2.20.10)

“...it was by far the best received short of the night. The story is straightforward and manages to draw you into its world quickly while scaring you in the process. After viewing this film I can't wait to see more from the creative team behind it.”

- Awkward/Juxtaposition (12.15.09)

“One of my favorites of the shorts... I would’ve liked to see more of this, as the ending leaves it open for the rest of a film that would have some potential.” - Icons of Fright (11.24.09)

“Simultaneously tense and humorous, this is a great little sheep in wolf’s clothing tale.” - All Things Horror (11.27.09)

“The set-up says it's a comedy, but the film moves imperceptibly into the realm of mystery and tension, and finally into sheer terror. Actors Jason Harris and Dan Leventritt make it work. BOO!” - dscriber daily (11.23.09)

“Taut, suspenseful short with a shocker ending” - PopMatters (10.28.09)

“A great atmosphere makes this short pretty creepy”  - Professor Wagstaff (10.24.09)

“Incredibly well acted and dripping with atmosphere. This film shows how a great location can make your movie.” - Drive-In Horror Show (10.13.09)

“...this short talky won me over with its clever character pairing and intellectual approach to the “monster”... Both performances are nuanced and captivating enough to carry the piece, and, though not revealed until the final shots, the horror of the mine is more than enough to leave a lasting impression.” - Sound on Sight (10.06.09)

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