Throughout life I relish never having had a distinct path, I love the variety of skills I have gained and it has turned me into an experienced individual, am versatile and love having varying qualifications.

I have carried out a wide range of work from shop floor to management, through out many varying industries and companies. On leaving school I entered into engineering, including 12 years in the Royal Air Force, various airlines and VIP aviation companies, from there I moved into the rail industry and again enjoyed gaining experience with differing levels of jobs. During this time I also gained experience in events, hospitality and  promotion, as well as writing for magazines and online information sites, I enjoy being involved in all aspects a job can offer throughout the companies I have worked for.

From the earliest of ages I have always loved music, thus in the late 80s I became a semi-professional DJ. It was through working in and around the various promotion companies and taking an interest in how the companies worked behind the scenes, that I gained experience on how to use photography and video to an advantage, how to keep up with and communicate through modern media, magazines, along with vetting all forms of social media, I always believe that by doing this you keep communications channels open through the channels your customers and team use. It is via the promotional work that led to me writing for magazines and other agencies, along with forging my path in the media and marketing world.

From humble beginnings in hospital radio, through to my time in the armed forces, and during time spent working overseas, I experienced numerous occasions to work within Radio and visual broadcasting. From my beginnings in Central America working on the Armed Forces broadcasting network B.F.B.S., through to local radio stations in Wales and Ireland, along with carrying out a course at ex-BBC Radio 1 presenter Bruno Brooks' School in Newark. I have always had a passion for broadcasting, following this, came the chance to carry out voice-over work.

In 2010 I set up 'Oppor Media’. This was purely putting a name to work I was carrying out already, helping individuals and businesses, boosting their online presence as well as co-ordinate their physical company structures (lots of companies unbelievably keep the two separated). Combining that with my experience in inter-personnel management skills, customer care, social media and online cloud computing and online technologies, organisational strategy, believing that it is important that the two work in harmony for a smooth flow between customers/clients and within the business, with common sense sometimes being lost in red tape. 

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