What is Oppor Media?

Oppor Media successfully assists you to achieve brand ‘love’ & awareness through social media.

We do this by managing your social presence online, building and engaging your customers through the social media online in order to create a better online experience for your customers.

We also create online content that you can use to improve your brand/copmpany, use as newsletters, as well as customer information.

How do we work long term?

Oppor Media uses a step by step process to achieve you’re goals. Creating a platform for you to engage, to enhance your customers brand love. We expand your company's foot print on and off line.

Oppor Media works for you...

Employing a social media manager is a big step, yet you can't afford not to? Online is the place to be, along with an abundance of new customers. But you can’t just ‘get someone to do it in what spare time they get’ either, that would prove damaging.

Oppor Media can will  become your social media department all at a lot less cost than taking on a new employee and yet retaining all of the fresh enthusiasm.

Our experience.

Oppor Media has experience in varying areas, including most fields of engineering, aviation, technical authorship, event management, music promotion, culture, print and more. This has given us a modern up to the minute, valuable insight into whatever you want to create.

... simple, effective, efficient.

Complete Packages

The combination of our social media management along with content marketing provides fantastic and proven results. Take your digital marketing to the next level!

Video & Photo Creation

Video is swiftly becoming the go to method for taking in and receiving information. In 2014 YouTube will become the second biggest search engine online and will continue to accelerate it’s popularity on that of it’s sibling search engine.

Social Media, Marketing

& Brand Management.

With Oppor Media, your social media marketing will save you time and ultimately ensure you are maximising your business’ online potential.


Content Marketing

Creating consistent and interesting content will get you more attention from your current customers and gain you new attention, as well as the Google Gods.