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First of all, I'm not really a photographer, I'm a musician. My classical guitar page is here.
The ‘Hella’ project has now been cancelled.

I keep a livejournal, here.
Also another one in Spanish, mostly for the benefit (say) of a few family and friends, here.
Inevitably, much as I hate it, I do have a personal MySpace page -and another one as a musician. I'm also reachable on Facebook.

I also keep (but update only occasionally) two blogs in Blogger, for two different purposes:
One is a dream blog, where I jot down some dreams and what they inspire me
The other one has accounts of my rather dysfunctional tropical childhood.
I am also on Twitter.

I have two accounts on Soundcloud, one for my electronic and semi-electronic doodles here, another one for classical guitar snippets, here.
Two pages in Tumblr: a general (but mostly pictures) one, here, and another one which is reposts of some stuff first published in iBlog quite a few years ago, here.
Also now an account on Pinterest.

there's various places where I keep photo-albums:

A gallery in livejournal,
Two in .mac, a newer one and another slightly older one -these will probably disappear soon, as MobileMe is phased out by Apple).

Inevitably I now also use Facebook for pictures, check link above.


Some pages of people I know, people I like, people I admire:

Duo Montes-Kircher Alfonso Montes and Irina Kircher are one of the best classical guitar duos in the world.

Death and Taxes! Ever wanted your accountant to have purple hair and wear New Rock boots? (Facebook group)
Morua Designs -amazing corsets by Gerry Quinton
Amy Westwood, designer, illustrator, web designer

Some Classical Guitar sites on the Web and the Internet in general:


Music Links:


Venezuelan music links


Other Venezuelan Links:
I have checked most of these links as being valid as of 15-03-09, but of course I am not responsible for any content in those pages, neither do I vouch for their current validity or endorse any of them.

Venezuelan media and news:

My life in London: life and gothic culture and people:
uk.people.gothic -newsgroup -goth life in the UK.
Whitby Gothic Weekend the twice-a-year goth fest in Whitby.
Infest the annual industrial music festival in Bradford
Slimelight the premier goth, industrial, alternative club in London