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[ Tuesday; September 6, 2016 5:54 pm ]

The accident (back in March I was run over by a… bicycle. I know, I know) left me with a broken bone (fractured radius) which healed in the standard issue six weeks, and a wrist sprain which is refusing to heal. For a long while I played very little or nothing as it was quite painful. Trying to retake the routine of practising again and finding that, be it because of the injury or because of the very fact of having stopped practising for a long while, much more than half an hour’s guitar practice leaves my hand sore for days. It is getting better but it is a long haul. Still going to physiotherapy. Patience.

A few more doodles and links. Should probably take out the Myspace links, I haven’t used those pages for years.

[ Saturday; July 25, 2015 ]

A few more things added in various folders.
This year I’ve been a little busier playing, have had a few gigs so have neglected the electronic music doodling. Will be making amends in the summer.
Added link to my Flickr page.

[ Saturday; November 30, 2013 ]

Round and round the world goes. Using these pages less and less, so it is remaining like an archive of sorts of things that have passed,that have been done. A couple of videos uploaded from a recital in the summer of 2013 (check ‘Decameron Negro’ in flavmovies) and a couple of music doodles I hadn’t got round to putting here.

[ Saturday; March 16, 2013 ]

A little tidying up, as with change of computer and drives a lot of files seemed to have disappeared. I may have missed some.

[ Tuesday; July 10, 2012 ]

Using this page less now. There are so many outlets for the sort of thing I would have put (I still put) in these pages that there might arrive a point where you question to yourself whether it is worth the while keeping a specific personal web page. I now have also an account in Tumbler and another one in Pinterest.

A few more music doodles added, check Noisoides 12.

Also a couple of movies by me and one old Venezuelan TV broadcast in which I play, in this page.

[ Saturday, January 7, 2012 ]

A few more sound doodles, and an old song cover… on Noisoides 11.

[ Friday; November 4, 2011 ]

I’ve now presence in a few sites that host music and photos,. as well as yet another blog platform. All this might make this site redundant at some point.. except that I like having a place that does not depend on anybody else’s policies or commercial targets -however much smaller the possible reach of an independent web site these days, compared with FB, Twitter, Tumbler, etc.

I have two accounts on Soundcloud, one for my electronic and semi-electronic doodles here, another one for classical guitar snippets, here.
Two pages in Tumblr: a general (but mostly pictures) one, here, and another one which is reposts of some stuff first published in iBlog quite a few years ago, here.

[ Tuesday; August 16, 2011 ]

Currently taking up again Leo Brouwers ‘Decamerón Negro’ and a couple of other works of his. As some pupils needed to prepare some Scarlatti sonatas for Grade exams I have been reading a couple of those, may put up a couple of takes of these here at some point.

Enjoyed meeting and listening to Argentinian guitarist Oscar Acebras (link to his page -attention, Flash heavy site) last night at a function. Sensitive playing and singing of traditional Argentine milongas, zambas and the like.

[ Sunday; September 26, 2010 ]

A couple o music doodles added here, done for the most part on the iPad using iSequencer and MusicStudio: Rain on the Planet under the Distant Star, Dream of Fires Raging in the Sky, Guitar Beetabix

[ Tuesday; September 1, 2009 ]

Not a lot happening here of late. I have had a couple of private gigs, have written a few musical doodles and have written a couple of small things, all of which has been documented elsewhere.

[ Thursday; July 30, 2009 ]

Some tidying up and cleaning up will need to be done in these pages when I have the time. In the meantime, a couple of things: new doodles in different styles in my music pages. And the news that the Hella project is now cancelled.

A couple of new doodles in Noisoides 09: ‘Meditation 2’, ‘Sandpaper Blues’.

[ Saturday; August 22, 2009 ]

A couple of new doodles, ‘Mediation 3’ and ‘Bait’, in

[ Sunday; May 31, 2009 ]

New doodle, ‘Dolor Immaterial’, in my doodle page. This is a very short electronic piece using a simple arpeggiator, that much reviled resource. It’s in this piage.


The Hella project is currently cancelled.

[ Sunday; March 1, 2009 ]

Yesterday’s doodle, or should it be today’s, 3s and 2s, is a little ... oh, ok, a four and a half minute dirge based on exactly that, just two parts with a pedal on the top voice and a bass line suggesting a couple of changes of key. Will probably be working more on this very simple idea of a two-part piece with a pedal or ostinato and a bass line suggesting harmonies that are not explicit, and the three-against-two time. It’s in the Saturday Doodle page.

There should be a couple of new songs of Tina & myself along soon, as soon as I find time to clean a couple of takes.

[ Monday; February 9, 2009 ]

Tina and I have a few new songs. Some are here, some are at our (temporary) Hella band page. I have one or two new musical doodles, a couple of them in this page, as well as trying to start again with the Saturday doodle idea.

[ Saturday; October 25, 2008 ]

A very small new project: there's a few improvisations badly recorded at home. The idea is to record a few ideas regularly and see whether i can make them grow into pieces, or whether some of them may have some connecting lines that may make them work as a suite of miniatures.

[ Monday; March 10, 2008 ]

A couple of new things in the Flav and Tina songs page. Which should perhaps be known as the Hella page now. This is now the name of the 'band' (ok, it is not really a band, is it, with just two people... never mind).

'A song' is the product of some improvisation in B minor. It didn't have words yet by the time we recorded that take.

'Outside my window' had a little more thought in words and music but it is a purely acoustic guitar and voice take with no frills; we''ll be working more on this one as I like some of the ideas we're working on in this song.

[ Wednesday; December 26, 2007 ]

A new version of 'After Life' in Flav and Tina Songs. Also a new song, 'Dream of Waking Up'. The words of the song allude to the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, 'Master and Margarita'.

[ Thursday; October 25, 2007 ]

More songs in Flav and Tina Songs.

[ Monday; September 17, 2007 ]

After a regular nightmare caused by a simple machine upgrade which resulted in having to fish by hand many of the files in this site which this program could no longer find, here we are again... There's a take of 'Mean Time' with a few bits added. It is in this page, as you could have guessed.

[ Sunday; September 2, 2007 ]

More takes from rehearsals with Christina added:
Another take of 'Afterlife'
Two takes of 'Mean time'
You might be pleased to know that I did not record our bolero version of 'Afterlife...'

They're still very scratchy versions, we're still shaping the songs. I have also decided that I no longer like the very saturated recordings I made of a coouple of the songs last time. I wanted a lo-fi sort of gritty effect, but I am not liking the result very much now. We'll try again. I still think 'afterlife' works better as a rocker, also ....

They're in the 'flav n tina songs' page...

[ Sunday; August 26, 2007 ]

Added Scott Deathboy's Birthday Party movie....

also, Christina and me in a rough take of something we call 'Afterlife' (also in an even rougher acoustic version) and something we call Whirligig (ok, something she calls 'Whirligig':P).

[ more edit ] 07 08 12

There's now quite a bit here, several photo albums, a lot of music and some writings.

Latest addition is the product of my first rehearsal with Christina Williams (vocal, electronic drums, songwriting) on 29 July 2007, 'Tinasongs'. The recordings are of course quite rough but there is a lot that I like in them.

[ edit ]

07 08 02
Added a couple of movies made at recent social occasions.

added two photo albums, updated words and poemoids, Tuesday; February 13, 2007

[ edit again ]

There's some more music and a couple of videos, two of me playing (classical) guitar and another one which is composed of photos of a friend's party. Thursday; March 22, 2007.