all songs © 2008 Christina Williams and Flavio Matani.

Forgotten Places:
I never seem to learn
Repeat the same mistakes
Recurring nightmares in my waking hours
Out of control

Time to return to
Forgotten places
I used to see
For a lot of my anger
Is draining me

Games of hot-and-cold
Used to control
Never knowing where I stand
Promises written in sand

Drawing those who drive me mad
Fall into a hole
I gather myself, put on the costume
And play the role

(c) 2009 Christina Willaims

There is a Word:
word a:
There is a word 
that unravels the maze,

there is a word I've heard in dreams
on whose sound the heavens melt
and the galaxies crumble 

there is a hidden idiot god
Drooling, in the bowels of the universe,
slowly spinning the absurd tale of the worlds
and waiting,
waiting to hear 
The Word.

word b:
I have a million songs inside me
I just cannot find them right now

I have so many things to say
But the words are just not there today

If only I could find the word
If only I could 

Outside my Window:
Outside my wndow
the world lies;

a ray of sunshine breaking through the leaves,
a dash of blue, a bird, a branch;
the world is quiet this morning

its titanic forces hidden from us
even as  they flex and wait

behind my window
i stumble on
every day chores stretch in front of me
I wait for the answers
to appear
but the questions lie in wait.

Outside my wndow
the world lies in wait.

(c) 2007 Flavio Matani

Mean time
In the meantime
I avoid you and you avoid me
and we walk away
in diverging paths

which is just as well
nothing more to say
nothing more to do

I travel under different stars
along different seas,
towards unknown distant shores


in the meantime
while we have to share the road
i avoid you,
and you avoid me
which is just as well

© 2007 Flavio Matani & Christina Williams


My fever alight
Something gone astray
and the future is bright
but you are so far away
fever alight (chorus)

I'll see you in the afterlife
with your face shining bright
Repeatedly something breaks
when I see your smile
and it hurts for awhile

Sleepless at night
wondering if you'll appear
and I'll see your form
and the face I hold dear.
I'm sleepless at night (chorus)

Burdens burning
the journey eats you alive
calling all forms
turning to figures of spright.
Burdens burning (chorus)

Journey till dawn
trailing through the sky.
Magic at last
being able to fly.
I journey till dawn (chorus)

© 2007 christina williams

Dream of Waking Up

I wake up to a dream, I wake up
to clouds chasing the moon in an alien sky
to a tall thin man in a chequered suit, who casts no shadow
to the other with a dead eye and a dead rotting dream
and the laughter of the dead girl demon and her sneer.

I wake up to a dream, I wake up
to the sound of distant thunder, to the sight
of the city by the mountain decay to rot
and crumble, and I wake up

I try to wake up
but the dream will not let go
I wake up to the dream and wake up
to dreaming of trying to wake to being awake
and to the dream of waking up
I wake up
and I scream

(c) 2007 Flavio Matani