This project is now cancelled.

Hella is a dead demon girl, one of the helpers of Woland in Mikhail Bulgakov's 'Master and Margarita, which you should read. 'Hella' apparent'y is the name given to girls who die too early and become vampires of a sort.Hella is: Christina Williams (vocals, keyboards, percussion, drums) and Flavio Matani (guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, programming, occasional vocals, occasional drums). We are based in London where we make music and... that's it...No, that's not it.Christina Willams is a graphic artist, painter and musician originally from Australia, now based in London. She is a drummer and, amongst many other things, she does visual art, computer animation and lots of other talented stuff.Flavio Matani is a guitarist from Venezuela, trained and graduated as a classical guitarist at the Escuela Superior de Musica in Caracas; he's been based in the U. K. for some twenty years now. He plays classical and rock guitar. He's played for 70, 000 people -they weren't, however, there to see him that night.The Reduced Band....Flavio and Tina perform either as an acoustic duo (voice and guitar) or as a full electric band.The songs are written by Flavio and Christina, mostly to relieve the boredom of existence in this post-modern world. Or something..