Here’s a sample of other sites of mine and sites in which I have either a presence or an interest

My main personal site, There is more of my music, on classical guitar and based on other media.
Hella: my music project together with Christina Williams
My Facebook page (you need to be registered and logged in in order to access my pages there)

My main livejournal (in English registering day to day happenings in the world of Flavio,; also a livejournal in Spanish
I keep two blogs in Blogger:
The Dreams that Dream me: this is an occasional account of dreams and related material.
In the Mist of Time and Distance, an often bittersweet glance at my distant, dysfunctional tropical childhood,
I keep two blogs in Tumblr: a general one at and one which is mostly a reposting of old personal history blogs at
I also have a personal and a musician MySpace pages

More music by Flavio: ambient , electronic and electric guitar music.
I keep photo albums in a number of sites. These days, mostly in facebook, my mobileme gallery and my livejournal picture gallery.
Also pictures in my Flickr, Picasa and most of all on Facebook.

Some Classical Guitar sites on the Web and the Internet in general:


Music Links:


Venezuelan music links


Other Venezuelan Links:
I have checked most of these links as being valid as of 15-03-09, but of course I am not responsible for any content in those pages, neither do I vouch for their current validity or endorse any of them.

Venezuelan media and news:

My life in London: life and gothic culture and people:
uk.people.gothic -newsgroup -goth life in the UK.
Whitby Gothic Weekend the twice-a-year goth fest in Whitby.
Infest the annual industrial music festival in Bradford
Slimelight the premier goth, industrial, alternative club in London

Some interesting people and their work:

  • Amy Westwood, designer, illustrator, web designer
  • Death and Taxes! Ever wanted your accountant to have purple hair and wear New Rock boots? (Facebook group)
  • Morua Designs -amazing corsets by Gerry Quinton