Flavio Matani is a classical guitarist from Venezuela now residing in the U. K. for many years.. He is available for concerts, private recitals and tuition on the classical and electric guitar in the North and Central London areas.


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Flavio Matani was born in Caracas, Venezuela, of Italian father and Venezuelan mother.. His interest in music began at an early age, sparked by his mother’s singing and playing on the guitar of Venezuelan and Latin-American folk and popular music. He entered the Escuela Superior de Música de Caracas in 1971. There he received a broad musical education, including Theory of Music, Harmony, Counterpoint, History and Aesthetics of Music, and other related subjects as well as Classical Guitar. He also attended courses on Venezuelan folklore and ethnomusicology, and on composition with distinguished Venezuelan composers. From 1975 until his graduation in 1982, Flavio studied the Classical Guitar with Maestro Leopoldo Igarza. He has also atttended masterclasses given by many masters of his instrument. Between 1983 and 1985 Flavio was a member of the board of the Venezuelan Guitar Society. In that capacity he produced ‘Arpegios’, a weekly radio programme on the guitar for Radio Nacional de Venezuela. Flavio has given many recitals thoroughout Venezuela, including performances for the Venezuelan Cultural Television channel. Since his establishing in the U. K. he has had further studies with John W Duarte. Recently he has performed with the Chiltern Philarmonic Orchestra Rodrigo’s ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’, as well as performing regularly as a soloist. He also plays electric guitar and has been involved in numerous projects involving either instrument, including ‘Damaged Goods’ with Deanna Mbulu, ‘Antur’ with Anthar Kharana, and many others. Currently he’s developing
Hella, a song-writing and performing project with the artist and musician Christina Williams. In addition to the performing side of this career, he is a dedicated teacher of his instrument. He also has an interest in languages and literature. He also has a variety of music interests and is involved in various projects involving rock and world music. At present Flavio is based in North London

The Watford Observer page 7 Frlday, November 27, 1998 "MUSIC Jill Barlow reviews a concert by the Chiltern Philharmonic 'Two's just too much of a good listening thing' This Saturday, The Chiltem Philharmonic resumed to Watford for the tenth anniversary of its spectacular debut, to play the first concert of a Beethoven Symphony Cycle, to a modest sized audience in St. Michael's Church, Watford, on an icy cold night...... However, the first half of the evening was Iifted by an emotive perfommance of Rodrigo's popular Concierto de Aranjuez for Guitar and Orchestra, with soloist Flavio Matani from Venezuela supplying oodles of Latin flavour and lovely, languid Adagio, soothingly lethargic and giving a nice touch of contrast. We had a stunning cor anglais solo from Alison Ault of the Royal College of Music to cap it all in this trendy work, visibly thrilling Latin fans in the audience...."


At present I teach the Classical and electric Guitar both privately and at the Watford Grammar School and St George’s College (Addlestone, Surrey). I also carry out activities as a concert performer of the Classical Guitar. An interest in computing has led me to learn about several related matters, including DTP and page layout and design using personal computers, as well as their use in the area of music. I have considerable experience in the main applications in a range of fields, mainly for the Apple Macintosh computer although also on Windows and Linux systems,
During my time in the UK I have been involved in many music making projects involving classical or electric guitar, live and in recording, as well as the teaching of the instrument, some language translation (in music and other areas) and interpreting English-Spanish.

Academic Activities:
Theory and Solfeggio, Harmony, Dictado Musical, History and Aesthetics of Music, Counterpoint, Complementary Piano. 1970-82, Caracas, Escuela Superior de Música de Caracas “José Ángel Lamas” Workshops on Contemporary Composition and Analysis, with Oswaldo González and Antonio Estévez, 1985-86, Caracas. Elements of Composition, Antonio Estévez, 1976, Instituto de Fonología, Caracas. Basic Composition Techniques, Federico Ruiz, Caracas 1978 Various courses and masterclasses on Performance of the Classical Guitar, with Masters
Alirio Díaz, Rodrigo Riera, Luis Zea, Ricardo Iznaola, Elliot Fisk, Stein Erik Olsen, Stepan Rak, John Duarte. During my stay in the United Kingdom I had further studies on guitar technique, performance and repertoire with John W Duarte, and took part for several years at the Cannington and Bath International Guitar Summer Schools. My participation in the Cannington event in 1987 was sponsored by the British Council. Certificate of Proficiency in English, 1986, Caracas, British Council/University of Cambridge German Language Gründstufe 1 Bescheinigung Caracas 1985, A. C. Humboldt, Goethe Institut Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Choral conducting,, teaching of music in primary schools and other subjects related to the teaching of music. Caracas, 1976-79, Ministerio de Educación Bachillerato (Cs), Caracas 1970. Certificado de Educación Primaria, Caracas 1964. Page Layout Techniques, Caracas 1973

previous experience (in Venezuela)
1980-87: Guitar Teacher, Casas Municipales de la Juventud, Caracas, Venezuela 1983-87: Musical Ensembles Instructor, Casas Municipales de la Juventud, Caracas, Venezuela.
During this time I also carried out other activities, both privately and for diverse institutions, as a performer and teacher of the guitar, as a solo concert player as well as with ensembles (‘Ricercare’, ‘Alvaro Fernaud’, ‘The La Salle Rock Ensemble’ and others). 1976-79: Classroom music teacher, Escuela Nacional ‘Eduardo Rohl’ Minsterio de Educación, Caracas 1972-76: English language Teacher, Instituto Pre-Universitario ‘Rafael Urdaneta’, Caracas, Venezuela. My hobbies and leisure time activities include playing and composing music both in my professional field and in rock, electronic and world music genres and some computing related activities -I use my Apple Macintosh computers extensively as a teaching aid and for music making, etc. Another passion of mine is literature, writing as well as reading, as well as meeting people from diverse countries and cultural backgrounds.