Jobs at Atlantic Media's global business news venture

We are building a new kind of business news outlet and need smart, digitally savvy, globally minded folks to help us do it. Click here to spread the word on Twitter.

This venture is part of Atlantic Media, the company that owns The Atlantic, National Journal, and other publications that have made a strong transition from print to digital. Our project will be digital-only and focused on coverage of the business world for a global audience. We've opened up an office in New York City and are hiring staff to work there and overseas.

We need journalists, developers, designers, and advertising salespeople. Some job openings are listed below, and we'll be adding more soon, including specific openings for reporting gigs. But in general, we are looking for reporters and editors who...

  • know business: you have a background in business journalism, have worked in the business world, or otherwise know your way around capital;
  • have a sense of the world: you have, ideally, lived outside the United States and, in any event, care as much about Hong Kong and São Paulo as you do about New York;
  • work fast: you know that, on the Web, the deadline is almost always now;
  • obsess: you can sense an important story and, when you do, pursue it with zeal;
  • are nerdyyou take a numerate approach to reporting and appreciate — or, better yet, can create — a good chart or other data visualization;
  • think creatively: you are eager to approach the job of reporting in new ways and bring creative, new ideas to our newsroom;  
  • write for the Webyou recognize that digital journalism is written in prose, data, visuals, and code, and you're eager to pick up new skills while on the job.

If that sounds like you, please get in touch with Kevin.

Developer? Designer? Email Michael, who has written more about those positions here.

Special note for journalists who code: we're looking to hire a few journo-programmers to work on data analysis, news apps, visualizations, and other non-traditional journalism, which will be crucial to this project. Key skills probably include JavaScript, CSS, and a backend language of your choice. Experience with mapping systems like GIS is a plus. If that's of interest to you, please contact Zach.

Below are job openings that have been formally posted. They contain more information about the roles, and if you're interested, you should apply for them at these links:

And if we've piqued your interest but you're not looking for a job right now, please contact us, anyway. We're interested in collaborating in all sorts of ways.