30 September 1987
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Sesh, Saanp
itc infotech, internship at hls asia
Madhusudhan Nagar,
Live life to the fullest.
Be a lot more sincere and hardworking.
When I got selected for internship at HLS Asia. My greatest moment would actually be when I get PPO from HLS.
Sleep day in and day out.
Play loads of computer games.
To fag.
All the great times I have had in my college life.
(Time-12 am)somebody is knocking at rm no.243 5th block,where saanp or sesh lives...after 2 or 3 knocks suddenly saanp becomes angry and start yelling 'kya
hua main to subah 5 baje soya hu,kyu utha rahe ho'....this type of guy sesh is (very lazy,always late in class,teachers always scolded him bcoz of his
attitude)...can u believe a guy sitting on 1st bench takes nap in mid of the lecture,only one person can do is seshadri...once teacher didn't distinguished
between him and K.S.RAO road bcoz of taking nap....overall he is a good guy,always tries to be punctual(bt he can't),tries to crack a joke bt it becomes pj....
one thing i assure is abt the food he orders in restaurant, is never the same irrespective of the no. of times he visits...these are some exceptional
qualities he has...i'm very happy to have a friend like him in my circle...his computer knowledge always help others...those nightouts(not adjactly)for xams
in 3rd block rm no.84,i'll never forget....thanks for ur motivation whenever i needed it....wish u luck for ur future...
K. Seshadri Rao
A.K.A. Saanp(ooo), serpent, gindola, Sleeping Beauty etc.

My Lucky acquaintance with the Geekgod dates back to first sem. Then packed with loads of fresher's energy he was in the club of sloggers (strange!). It seems that college for sesh, is for hibernation,as if he will be resurgent once he's outta college (i wish it that comes true)
He is an absolute connoisseur when it comes to gadgets be it computers,phones.And he has legacy of an exceptional knowledge in that field. He is an avid gamer, doesn't care about what going on around when he's doing that.

Aims high,plans big and puts in matching efforts to achieve something if he really wants it; Plays game to win only(by hook or crook).
I feel sad for him getting into wrong habbits. wish he gets out of those at the earliest.
At times his laziness may provoke you to murder him, but thats our very own Sesh!

But altogether a kind hearted, adorable friend there for you when u need one the most.

Fortuitous to have pal like you! Wish you the best for the road ahead.
sesh...aaaaaaaaaaa... mera padosi...agar apki kismat bahut achi hai ya apne koi bahut puniye ka kaam kiya tha toh shayad apko iss bande ke darshan subah 12 baje se pehle ho jayenge.... sone ke mamle main toh kumbhkaran bhi isko takar nahin de sakta....
shayad apko lag raha hoga ki itna sota hai toh shaad bahut lazy hoga .... nothing like that... agar iss bande ko kissi cheez main interest aa jaye toh to phir uski puri postmortem surgery karke hi chodta hai....
the only one single problem that he has is that he gets angry very early.... common dude learn to forget small things especially when u r aiming for bigger success in life (which i m sure u ll reach faster than ne one else that i know of) .....
there are a few dialogues that have become his patent .... a few are " tarali u r a dead man",, "pillai yaad rakhna meri bhi bari aayegi ".....
and quite frankly agar kissi ko alzhiemers ho jaye woh bhi tujhe nahin bhul payega.... bcoz u r that good a frnd....
aur haan yeh mat sochna ki col life ke bad tu mere se bach jayega... my pj's ll follow u for ur entire life hahaha....
Sesh is one of those computer geeks whom u can ask anything at any time about computers and he will be ready with a answer. He is person with very high IQ who with minimum effort can extract maximum result.

He has been a great friend of mine all these 4 years. I have learnt a lot of things from him. . He is a very helpful person. He is also very jovial i.e. he laughs at others’ jokes becoz nobody laugh at his jokes. lol… Apart from being good in academics he is a very good at computer games. He also plays badminton and likes swimming.

I will cherish all the moments that I have spent him specially those in Kolkatta during summer training where I had to jump from a running train because of him. lol… I will miss all his highly technical explanations of extremely non technical things.

Thanks Shesh for all your support these years. I am really grateful to have you as my friend. May God fulfill all your dreams and desires…
saaaaaaaaaaaaaanp..........4 saal se is bande ka yahi naam hai.....iska real name to shaayad ye bhi bhool chuka hai.....thoda sharmeela sa hai.........magar kisse iske bahut zordaar hain.........1st year mein mattha aur gulia ke against akela sms war ladta tha........computers ki duniya ka bond...........koi bhi information chahiye.......sesh ke pass aayie.....iske liye to bas yahi kehna hai..........saaaaaaaaaaanp you really are very 4 saal tere saath bahut mazaa aya........
Our own snake man SAANP........offiicially known as Seshadri rao is a very simple and lazy guy........our acquaintance dates back to first year when his abode was opposite to mine........his unique style(so slow that u can sleep in between) of speaking .........laziness ........ gargantuan computer knowledge soon made him very popular among tricalites………the reason for his popularity can also be attributed to the sms war between him and gulia………whole college was enjoying those SMSs…………

With all this happening I also got interested in saanp……..but our frndship(I don’t count HI HELLO as frndhip) didn’t kick off properly until 7th sem……..after that there was no looking back………our visit to GB augmented with our frndship…….those visits were really unforgettable………….he is also known as DOUBT kumar in LLG circle, thanks to his curiosity about every random thing………but I really admire this attitude of him ………..overall he is a great person with high aspirations(little confused)………..and a good friend of mine……………
I.R Rao's shouting (When Sesh was asleep) - "Kangala Sheshadri Rao. Roll number 05EE20 " This is an incident that none of the tricalites can ever forget. Thank you for giving us such an entertaining moment in Rao's class :P :P

In class, I had mostly seen Sesh asleep in the class. He was always very particular about his sleeping routine, not partial to any prof or subject. I got a chance to interact with him in 2nd year when we both joined CSI. Since then, I had no idea that this guy is so good technically. A very hard working guy with a zeal to work. He has proved this in CSI and then again in INCI.

It was great working with you in CSI. And enjoyed all our class as well as CSI trips and treats. All the best for your future. Have a great life. God Bless you :) :)