Shortenz Linkz

A full featured Safari 5 Extension that makes it easy for you to shorten links and tweet about them.

The current version is always available here: Shortenz Linkz.

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Shortenz Linkz gives you a toolbar button in Safari which, when clicked, will shorten the link of the current page for you.
We also give you keyboard shortcuts for shortening and tweeting the links to the current page.
Shift-Ctrl-S will shorten the link to the current page while Shift-Ctrl-T will also let you tweet that link.
For shortening and tweeting links on the page, right-click (ctrl-click) on any link to see two contextual menu items, one to shorten and the other to also tweet it.
And as far as twitter goes, you can tweet from right inside Safari or else you can choose to tweet using either Tweetie or Echofon.

If you tweet from inside Safari, you'll see the tweet now contains an short link in your tweet.
Not to worry, that link actually points to the short link of your selected shortening service.
So if you are using a service like or where you are tracking clicks of your short link, all of the tracking still works.
The short link is a new twitter security enhancement where twitter makes sure the link you are tweeting is not some phishing scam or other hazard.
You can get more information on the twitter link service

In the extension's settings panel, you can choose any of the following as your shortening service: (PunyURL)

The default service used by the extension is the "" service. Why? Who knows, I picked it at random.

Note: To tweet short links, you must enter your twitter username & password in the settings panel or select Tweetie or Echofon as your twitter application.
         Also, if you use or then you need to enter your API login and API Key in the settings panel.

Shortenz Linkz will also, by default, use the formulaic short links for YouTube, Flickr, and Amazon instead of using your shortening service.
You can turn any of these off if you like.

In the settings panel, you can also choose how to display the shortened link.
The default is to shorten the link and display it for you in a pop up dialog.
You can also choose to have the shortened link shown to you in the shortening service's web page that either opens in a new tab or the current window.

If you have comments/questions/ideas, tweet them @shrtlnkz or use the comment form on the Trailing Zee web site to send them to me.

Version History

Version 1.1.2 - Twitter oAuth support broke. Fixed it. Don't know if anyone even uses this anymore. I do, but don't think anyone else does.
Version 1.1 - Twitter oAuth support added by using their new /share service. Keyboard shortcuts added. Defunct & services removed.
Version 1.0.8 - If you right-click on a page and not on a link, you can shorten the link to the current page from the contextual menu item. (Thx Adrian !!)
Version 1.0.7 - Fixed a but when clicking the button on Youtube or Flickr pages and your default was to tweet, not just shorten.
Version 1.0.6 - When tweeting, we make sure your tweet is 140 characters or less. Puts the current page title and the short link when tweeting the current page.
Version 1.0.5 - You can now set it so the button, by default, just shortens or else shortens + tweets the current page link, option-click to do the other action.
Version 1.0.4 - Changed the service to use the Google API like the Google toolbar does, shortening should work again. Thanks Richard!
Version 1.0.3 - Fixed a bug where it wasn't paying attention to the setting to to use Tweetie for tweeting. Thanks Hector!
Version 1.0.2 - You can now tweet short links plus any other text you want right inside Safari. No need to use Tweetie for tweeting.
Version 1.0.1 - Holding down the [option] key when clicking the toolbar button will Shorten & Tweet the current page link.
Version 1.0.0 - I think we're done for now. Let's make it an official 1.0
Version 0.9.9 - The "Shorten Link" contextual menu item will now say what service will be used to shorten the link (e.g "Shorten with").
                       Additionally, you will get error alerts now when you try to use or and haven't put in your API credentials.
                       Also changed how it detects the link you're ctrl-clicking on. Works mostly. The ABC website sucks tho & confuses Safari.
Version 0.9.8 - Bug fix in the Flickr code when trying to shorten a link or tweet a link. Bah I suck.
Version 0.9.7 - Added support for the shortener through Matthew Flaschen's server.
                       Defaults to using '' for Flickr URLs and '' for YouTube URLs. You can turn these off in the settings panel.
Version 0.9.6 - Bug fix regarding visibility of its contextual menu items.
Version 0.9.5 - Implemented Apple's automatic update manifest system. With 0.9.5 & later users get automatic updates.
Version 0.9.4 - Added "Tweet Link in Tweetie" contextual menu item.
Version 0.9.3 - Added "Shorten Link" contextual menu item.
Version 0.9.2 - Added ability to open short links in a pop up dialog
Version 0.9.1 - Added ability to open short links in new tab rather than current window.
Version 0.9 - Initial version released.

Also, I suck at making web pages and Photoshop, so if anyone wants to make me a better web page, toolbar icon and/or a Finder icon for this extension, I'll give you credit.