LeConte’ Glacier Survey


LeConte’ Glacier Survey

    The LeConte’ Glacier Survey was started by Instructor Paul Bowen in 1983.  Since that 

     time there has been a yearly survey to locate the terminus.  The survey has been

     conducted by high school students, and then posted to inform the public.

Photographic Location of Terminus by Year






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Why Study LeConte Glacier?

   An Audio Video Presentation

    A Student Presentation

Glacial Scenery Photos:   Set 1, Set 2, Set 3

TEMSCO:  Our Transportation

Student Group Photos: Set 08, Set 09, Set 10, Set 11, Set 12 Set 13Set 14 Set 15

Time lapse video of the Glacier movement.

“LeConte Glacier is within the Stikine-LeConte Wilderness on the Tongass National Forest. The student's glacier survey activities are authorized by a Forest Service special use permit. All use fees for the permit have been waived by the Regional Forester in support of the school activity.”