Whitewall Studios is the brainchild of Remo Camerota and was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2003. A boutique creative agency which acts as an incubator harnessing the very best ideas across a multimedia platform. With a background in live action Film, Visual Arts, Design, Photography  and  Animation, Whitewall utilizes some of the worlds leading talent, hand picked to work along side Remo, to execute any client brief from concept to completion. With Remo at the helm,  Whitewall has grown to be a  significant global player in experiential, traditional and experimental marketing.

Remo Camerota is an enigma, a remarkable, award-winning visionary, whose work and unrelenting creativity cannot be readily or quickly defined - his numerous accomplishments incorporate multiple genres and disciplines. He might be described as a Director, multi-media & urban artist, graphic designer, animator, photographer, author and digital film-maker.   In particular, he specializes in developing unique creative campaigns, products and paintings for use across digital and real world platforms.  ‘Great Guns'      


Australian/English Contemporary Artist, Remo Camerota has a genuine commitment to evolving the

creative process. He works across disciplines and is committed to exploring new ways of expressing creative

and artistic views in a compelling visual style.


Remo Camerota of Whitewall Studios has a genuine commitment to evolving the creative process. He works across disciplines and is committed to exploring new ways of expressing his creative views in a compelling visual style.

With a background in live action film, animation, photography, interactive media, illustration and design, Remo brings a diverse range of skills to each concept for both new moving media and print mediums. He wishes to engage in interesting concept based communications, indicative of contemporary cultural visual trends occurring locally and globally.

Remo’s vision is to challenge the commercial perceptions of the world and inspire new topics of thought through the shaping and building of unique ideas in marketing and art. 

Remo is an established visual artist , exhibiting work globally, and for over 20 years he has been working as a film director, photographer, designer and animator with industry experience in all of the above. All of these skills are applied to Whitewall Studios ethos, for a portfolio of cutting edge work.

Included in his portfolio are some of the leading brands in the world,  Gene Simmons , Kiss, Foxtel, MTV, Red Bull, Symantec, Nikon, Holden and more.

A multi award winning director and photographer is also the author of two best selling books published by Mark Batty Publisher NY, titled “Graffiti Japan” and “Drainspotting”.

He is currently working on a myriad of projects including feature films, TV animated series, graphic novels , visual art shows and Whitewalls laboratory interactive media using the latest technologies, including brainwave reader tech.

Remo has a suite of itunes apps available including Kit Robot Lovebots, Drainspotting, SCAR graphic novel, Graffiti Japan, Graffiti NY, Graffiti UK and more. Available on the app store.

Remo’s work reflects an ever changing growth in art and community.

See Whitewall Studios for a comprehensive look at his work, client base and Contemporary Art Exhibitions and Awards .


Remo began taking photos in 1977 when he received his first Diana Camera.

He began  winning awards in Film and Animation in his first year of Visual Art & Film university, Melbourne, Australia, 1991. He won the VEVA awards for animation, and the prestigious St Kilda film Festival award in 1992.

1993 Remo attended Film/TV/Animation school, Victorian College of the Arts. Graduating with high distinctions it was a successful 3 years with a nomination at  the VCA student awards. All of Remo’s films from the VCA picked up accolades.

1995 The Australian Film Commission picked up and toured his graduating film ‘The Droppers Neck’, which also won several awards at festivals  worldwide.

Remo  collaborated with Stelarc in the Award winning short film ‘Scar 95’. Casting Artist Stelarc in his first film role.

1996 - 1998 Remo worked extensively in T.V. directing over 50 episodes of the Foxtel sport show ‘Xtreme’. This lead  to  the development of his own show entitled ‘Not Recommended Behavior’.Remo was a vindicator in the style of cut up, fast paced, action editing produced for Xtreme Sports,  that is often seen in modern TV shows today.

In 2000 the Cult feature film ‘Narcosys’ saw Remo Edit and SFX Supervise, beginning a relationship with motion graphics and 3D animation. This picked up best Film at Melbourne underground Film Festival in 2000 and best use of gratuitous violence, MUFF 2000.

2002 he worked with Gene Simmons and directed the DVD ‘Speaking in Tongues’, released in August 2004. He also started Whitewall studios.

2003 Remo work with KISS on Kiss Symphony Tour DVD directing spots and scenes within the Documentary and supplying  Photography for the record sleeve. Kiss Symphony CD/DVD has gone platinum. He also went on to Photograph books for Gene Simmons, Sex Money Kiss and Tongue Magazine.

2004 ABC/Film Victoria ‘4 minute wonders’ animation project brought him attention in news paper head lines as it features the notorious underworld figure Chopper Read in an edgy animated music clip. Chopper stars in the clip dissecting people. It was banned from the ABC TV and required a ‘Directors Cut’. This clip has gone on to win many accolades.

2004 - Remo completes 3D animated Short Film ‘Meat Market’. This film screened at LA Shorts, Screamfest, MUFF, Hollywood Film Festival, SF Int Film festival, Castelli Animati, Movo, Shorts and many more. It was nominated for many accolades and won Best Film at MUFF in 2004, Realm of the Senses, AVA silver award as well as others.

2005 - 06  has Remo directs music videos, TVCs and short form animations. He is resident animator in San Francisco for animation work on two live/animated documentaries, for scientific company GAP International. ‘being One’ and ‘Breakthrough course’ produced by Storyworks. Remo continues as  lead animator on 3 of these GAP projects spanning the next five years.

Remo’s Animation work is shown in a retrospective at Castelli Animati - Rome Animation Film Festival, 2007.

2008  Remo completes two feature film scripts, one of which is Scar. He directs a team of artists in Tokyo turning the stories into a Manga Graphic Novels. One of the artists featured in the book is shohei Otomo , son of Katsuhiro Otomo - famous for Akira/Freedom and many more.

In 2008 Remo was commissioned to produce MTV Music Award Animated spots, to be projected live around the stadium, featured at the awards ceremony, starting in Japan and touring worldwide.Eight of these spots were specially handcrafted in a unique style, produced individually, for each artists performance. Some of the artists included Mariah Carey, Fergie, Nelly, Simple Plan.

As well as Directing/animating Remo is an accomplished photographer working commercially. His photographs, also winning many accolades,  are also included in various magazines, and Books including his own authored books published by Mark batty Publisher New York - Graffiti Japan and Drainspotting. Distributed world wide Drainspotting remains in the top ten best sellers list, Asian photography,  on Amazon 2011.

From 1993 - 2012 Remo exhibits visual art projects globally.

2009 he receives several awards including Roving Eye, London International creative competition, IPA, Lucies selection, Museum of Russia retrospective and prix de la photographic france competition and in 2010 receives LICC Gold and Drainspotting wins Best Photography Book New York Book Festival.

2010 - 2011 Remo continues to focus on whitewall Studios and ads Rage-Agency’s identity, website and game, Doubletwist TVC, Symantec TVC, Gap Animation and more to his repertoire. 

Symantec hires Remo to create a Big brother ad campaign, which is a parody of the 1984 Ridley Scott Macintosh ad, all done in manga animation style. Remo works along side Kiyo Kohatsu, a director from the Ren and Stimpy TV series.

2011 Whitewall forms Kit Robot and creates and Releases Lovebots ipad/iphone app which is no 1 in Japan and hits the top 20 in the uSA and other parts of the world.

2011 Remo/Whitewall teams up with 1980s pop sensation DEVO to create a unique interactive application. Coming soon.





















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