If you saw my lights last year... this is the 2nd year of my stellar light show. This year I'm going from 16 channels to 48 channels of control. Adding signing faces to some of my music and SUPER BRIGHT Multicolored LEDS.  The building and planning all start NOW... Show will begin on OCT 14th  to Halloween.

Halloween Show 2012

Music is played via a FM Transmitter to the people driving by on their car stereo.  And this sign lights up when the show starts:

Music is

THIS IS HALLOWEEN from the Nightmare before Christmas

GHOSTBUSTERS from Ghostbusters the movie

MONSTER MASH good Classic face singing song

THRILLER (shorted version) edited for time

BOOM BOOM POW Black Eyed Peas.. Nice mix for singing faces

It all starts with the music... So once that is done the music is edited to the nth degree to get the timing just perfect. None of this process is automatic.

Building 7 lighted pumpkin faces

Pumpkins are made from wood 2ft by 2ft... Freehand of course, I made a couple of apples before I finally got the pumpkin design down.


I think this one is an APPLE?

Once painted you see how they become Pumpkins.


The parts are direct from CHINA... 20 AMP DC Power supply to handle the power requirements for this unit. All in an enclosed weatherproof box. Communications are done via RS485 serial to tell the unit which lights to turn on and off. As you can see this is not a turn key setup and a lot of work goes into making it look as if it is. 

Assembling the controller.. 16 more channels

Done... Complete with 20 Amp DC Power Unit. This unit runs LEDS only. 16 separate channels. I have 1 more of these to assemble.

Pumpkin (before face painting), Single IKEA LED light on a whip it mounted to the top of the stem. All the pumpkins get this treatment and controlled in sync to the music.

Building the Tombstones: Standard Orange Christmas Light string stapled to a piece of MDF painted white


Attach 1 dollar store Tombstone to the front with another set of purple lights embedded into the tombstone.


The result.. There are 3 of these.


One Face welded up.. This is the smallest one. Just used 1/2 Conduit, Spray painted to reduce rusting.

Welding up one of the faces that will be mounted in the windows. I have several of these to build. These will SING in sync to the music. This is my smallest one, just 5' by 6'

Second Face welded up

Then there is a LARGE ONE

The large one will be a 16' face lined with 300 super bright 5050 LEDS.

Staged the Garage... Waiting for October

Testing some LED's. This is and Old School VU Meter, like old radios have. Adding this to the show. 7 groups of lights on this one, 4 green, 2 orange and 1 red


Window EYE mounted..

Pumpkins all mounted.. They each have a small LED light on them.



My house is on a hill... So this is what you'll see.


518 SE Espinosa
Estacada, OR

Overlooking the city of Estacada's Downtown.

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM Nightly.

Audio Broadcasted on 105.3 FM for cars driving by

Sneak Peak:
Boom Boom Pow


This is Halloween