Lights going up (Started on a Sunny, but yet COLD day in November)


Making some Candy Canes (that's white vinyl)


Wrapped with Red Tape


Finished Candy Cane wrapped with Red and White lights.

To get an idea of the height


Tune to 105.5 FM sign, which lights up before the light show.


Taken with my iPhone... Not very good audio but you get the idea


Current Playlist:

I Dedicate This House from Christmas Vacation Clark Griswold
A Mad Russian's Christmas
Amazing Grace Techno
Bob Rivers - Decorations
Cartman (my tribute to South Park)
Christmas Canon
Christmas Eve (Sarajevo)
Jingle Bells Techno
Joy To The World
Linus (Charlie Brown the meaning of Christmas)
Remix Most Wonderful
Do You Hear What I Hear - Spiraling
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - The Carpenters
THX Tex Trailer
Wizards of Winter
Music Box Dancer
Christmas Jam
Justin Beiber Mistletoe
Step Into Christmas Elton John
Sleigh Ride - TSO


Send your song ideas my way. Thanks

So you might be asking yourself WHY? It's more of a question of why not? For this year I'm controlling 16 separate channels of lights, A channel can be independently ON or OFF or somewhere in between IE: Fading, twinkling, etc. And when I started in November I thought wow 16 channels is going to be plenty. Remembers that's 16 separate extension cords. Well  I'm already thinking of next year! Bigger... More channels and yes more lights! I guess this could become a hobby... I really enjoy mixing the music as well.