<<set $shaved = true>><<display "Shower Sim">>
<<set $washedhair = true>><<display "Shower Sim">>
Minutes spent showering: <<print $time>>\n<<if $time gte 12>><<if $time eq 12>><<set $watersetting -= 1>><<endif>>\nThe hot water tank ran out.<<if $maxtemp gt 0>><<set $maxtemp -= 1>><<endif>><<if $watersetting gt $maxtemp>><<set $watersetting = $maxtemp>><<endif>><<endif>>\n<<endif>><<silently>>\n<<if $alarm lte $time>>\n <<if $watertemp lt $watersetting and $watertemp lt $maxtemp>>\n <<set $watertemp += 1>>\n <<else>>\n <<if $watertemp gt $watersetting and $watertemp gt 0>>\n <<set $watertemp -= 1>>\n <<endif>>\n <<endif>>\n<<endif>><<endsilently>>\nWater temperature: <<print $watertemp>><<silently>>\nDEBUG:\nalarm = <<print $alarm>>\nwatersetting = <<print $watersetting>>\nmaxtemp = <<print $maxtemp>><<endsilently>>\n\n<<if $watersetting lt $maxtemp>>[[Turn water hotter]]<<endif>>\n<<if $watersetting gt 0>>[[Turn water colder]]<<endif>>\n[[Wait|Shower Sim]]\n\n<<if $watertemp gte 3>><<if $watertemp gt 4>>OW OW OW TOO HOT<<else>><<if $curtaindist gt 0>><<set $curtaindist -= 1>>The shower curtain billows inward at your naked body.<<endif>>\n\n[[Bat at curtain]]\n<<if $curtaindist eq 0>>The curtain sticks to your body, making it impossible to wash up comfortably.<<else>>\n<<if not $soapedhair>>[[Put shampoo in your hair]]\n<<else>><<if not $washedhair>>[[Rinse hair|Wash hair]]\n<<endif>><<endif>><<if not $soapedface>>[[Soap face]]\n<<else>><<if not $washedface>>[[Rinse face|Wash face]]\n<<endif>><<endif>><<if not $soapedbody>>[[Soap body]]\n<<else>><<if not $washedbody>>[[Rinse body|Wash body]]\n<<endif>><<endif>><<if not $shaved>>[[Shave]]\n<<endif>><<if not $peed>>[[Pee]]\n<<endif>><<if not $masturbated>>[[Masturbate]]<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>\n<<else>>You shiver. It's not warm enough to wash up.<<endif>>\n\n[[Exit shower]]\n\n<<if $time gte 10>>You hear an angry knock at the door. Your housemate's voice:\n\n"<<print either("Hurry up! I need to pee!", "Come on, finish up!", "Ugh, are you jerking off in there??")>>"<<endif>><<set $time += 1>>
<<set $washedbody = true>><<display "Shower Sim">>
<<set $soapedhair = true>><<display "Shower Sim">>
<<silently>>\n<<set $watersetting = $watersetting + 1>>\n<<if $alarm lt $time>><<set $alarm = $time + $delay>><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>><<display "Shower Sim">>
<<set $curtaindist += 2>><<if $curtaindist gt $maxdist>><<set $curtaindist = $maxdist>><<endif>><<display "Shower Sim">>
gj you took a shower<<set $clean = 0>>\n\n<<if $washedhair>>you washed your hair<<set $clean += 1>>\n<<else>><<if $soapedhair>>ugh, there's still shampoo in your hair<<endif>>\n<<endif>><<if $washedface>>you washed your face<<set $clean += 1>>\n<<else>><<if $soapedface>>ugh, there's soap in your eyes!<<endif>>\n<<endif>><<if $washedbody>>you washed your body<<set $clean += 1>>\n<<else>><<if $soapedbody>>ugh, there's still soap all over your body<<endif>>\n<<endif>><<if $shaved>>you shaved<<set $clean += 1>>\n<<endif>><<if $peed>>you peed\n<<endif>><<if $masturbated>>you came\n<<endif>><<if $clean eq 0>>you feel gross though, like you didn't really shower at all. <<endif>><<if $clean eq 1>>you feel a little cleaner. <<endif>><<if $clean eq 2>>you feel somewhat cleaner. <<endif>><<if $clean eq 3>>you feel much cleaner. <<endif>><<if $clean eq 4>>wow! you feel amazingly clean. <<endif>><<if not $masturbated>>\n\nyou feel kind of tense.<<else>>you feel relaxed and ready to start your day. <<endif>><<if $time gt 15>>\n\nyour housemate is screaming at you though, they might be kind of pissed\n\n\n\n...literally<<endif>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $time = 0>>\n\n<<set $watertemp = 1>>\n<<set $watersetting = $watertemp>>\n<<set $delay = 2>>\n<<set $maxtemp = 5>>\n\n<<set $curtaindist = 3>>\n<<set $maxdist = 3>>\n\n<<set $soaphair = false>>\n<<set $soapface = false>>\n<<set $soapbody = false>>\n\n<<set $washedhair = false>>\n<<set $washedface = false>>\n<<set $washedbody = false>>\n\n<<set $shaved = false>>\n<<set $peed = false>>\n<<set $masturbated = false>>\n<<endsilently>>Welcome to [[Shower Sim]]
<<set $soapedbody = true>><<display "Shower Sim">>
<<set $washedface = true>><<display "Shower Sim">>
<<silently>>\n<<set $watersetting = $watersetting - 1>>\n<<if $alarm lt $time>><<set $alarm = $time + $delay>><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>><<display "Shower Sim">>
Shower Sim
<<set $peed = true>><<display "Shower Sim">>
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<<set $soapedface = true>><<display "Shower Sim">>
<<set $masturbated = true>><<display "Shower Sim">>