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About me

I am an Engineer and technology enthusiast. I recently completed the Computer Engineering program at Memorial University in beautiful, rugged Newfoundland. During my time in the program I developed an insatiable appetite for Software Engineering. This appetite was temporarily appeased by six diverse software focused work terms, several projects and many other opportunities to learn and practice Software Engineering skills. Now that I am finished my undergraduate degree, I have been keeping myself busy by tackling hobby projects which require technologies that intrigue me and doing some travel.


I can be contacted via email
Click the link to solve a Captcha to see the whole email address. I do this so that spam bots can't get at it.


Academic Interests

This Site

This site is based upon Chris Marsh's fork of the lifehacker.me template. I have lightly modified Chris's version, he performed heavier modification on the original template. My fork can be found on my GitHub page. This site is best viewed using a modern browser (Firefox 3.6+, Safari 3+, IE9+, Chrome), as older browser's may have trouble rendering some of the content. Third party cookies must be enabled for the google docs inline browser to function correctly. If you encounter a problem viewing a document please download it and open it in your favourite PDF viewer.

To view my resume, click here.

[To download as a PDF file, click here.]

Selected Coursework

Full transcript available upon request


I am starting to host some of the code I write on GitHub. Below gives a summary, or you can click through to access my GitHub profile page.

This is a list of some of the projects I have worked on for school. For information on projects I have worked on during co-op terms please see my resume.


Progeny is a procedural generation engine with a primary focus on the generation of planets. The procedural core of the system is designed such that it is not tightly coupled to any specific rendering system. For more information see the video and technical summary document below. Awarded 2nd place, Memorial University ECE class of 2011 Senior Design Projects.

Progeny technical overview [Download]

Cataclysmic Cosmos

Cataclysmic Cosmos is a game created by Robert Lockyer and myself for a Software Design course (it was written in half a semester while doing four other courses concurrently). We decided to keep things interesting by basing our game on an original concept and it turned out to be a good bit of fun! Check out the video below to see the game in action and then download it to try it for yourself (Java is required to run the game).

[Download The Game!]


The CAP Theorem as it Applies to Contemporary NoSQL Storage Systems [Download] - This is a research paper I wrote for a Database Systems course.

Skills Summary

The Cloud

Below is a tag cloud showing many of the technologies, skills, programs, environments, etc. I am familiar with. Relative size represents how well I think I know something.

Java C# Python C++ Javascript CSS XHTML Boost C++ (subset of libs) .NET STL OGRE PhysX OpenAL DirectX JUnit NUnit JMockit Spring Object Oriented Design UML Design Patterns MySQL Oracle SOAP XML OAuth HLA NMEA Gdata REST HTTP TCP/IP AES RSA Scrum Iterative TDD Agile Perforce TFS SVN Git Doxygen Javadoc Ant make cmake CruiseControl Maven ASM (x86) VHDL Visual Studio Eclipse XCode OSX Windows *nix Wireshark JMeter Gimp Inkscape Audacity Tomcat IIS ArgoUML