In-browser DevTools

  • Constantly evolving
  • Use Canary channel for development
  • Lots of juicy experimental features

Performance: Timeline + Frames view

  • Timeline gives you an overview of memory usage over time
  • Summary and detailed views
  • Helps remove jank. Layout or scripts - who triggered what?
  • Frames view helps achieve that snappy 60fps you ideally want

Finding memory leaks and DOM leaks

  • JavaScript, CSS, Heap snapshot Profiles
  • What is using memory at a given point in time? Not being GC'd?
  • Use comparison view to identify potential memory leaks
  • Use summary view to identify DOM leaks

A better authoring workflow

Live reloading + SASS Source Maps

  • Editing compiled CSS has little value
  • Enable new SASS hotness
  • BOOM! You can edit SASS source files
  • Changes automatically reload

CoffeeScript + @sourceURL

  • Compile your Coffee sources
  • Open up the DevTools
  • Review your compiled file
  • Whoa! sourceURL comments

Mobile Debugging: Overrides Panel

DevTools Console

  • Styled-console
  • Multi-style support
  • inspect() command

Learn to love the command line. It isn't scary. ~ Stephen Hay


Sublime Text #protips

Finding missing semicolons should never be a manual process.


  • On file save
  • On source control commit
  • At build time
  • Anything better?

Live feedback


  • Live Edit + Chrome
  • JS Language version based suggestions
  • Code inspection and zen coding
  • Suggestions for DRYer code
  • Built in code linting
  • and more

Unit Testing In The Cloud

Testing approaches you already know:

  • In the browser
  • In a headless browser on-demand via cmd line: grunt qunit
  • In a headless browser post-push

New hotness:

  • In multiple browsers in the cloud via cmd line:
    bunyip  -f Modernizr/test/index.html -c ~/bunyip/config.js -b ios
    bunyip -f index.html local -l "firefox|chrome|safari|phantomjs"

Build system

Lint. Resolve depenencies. concatenate modules. compile. Flatten your CSS @imports. Remove debugging statements. Compress images. Precompile templates. Run tests in a variety of environments. Revs asset paths for caching. Affirm code quality.

New hotness: Grunt.js


  • Task based command line build tool
  • Alternative to Rake/Cake/Make/Jake
  • Rich community of build tasks
  • Generates simple skeleton for new projects
  • Lint, test, concat, watch and min out of the box.
  •'re still responsible for workflow

so much choice! you want flexibility. how could we make this any easier?

Introducing Yeoman

Go from idea to a rough prototype in 10 min

Limit the time spent on writing boilerplate for your app

Automate as much of your workflow as possible


  • Authoring abstractions
  • Scaffolds
  • Linting
  • LiveReload
  • Testing
  • Build tools
  • and more.

Built on top of great tools like Grunt and Bower


  1. Package management
  2. Generators
  3. Live Reload
  4. Testing
  5. Build system

What's next?

Yeoman in 2013

  1. Improved flexibility with tools (Grunt, Bower)
  2. Better editor integration
  3. Support for backends (Rails, PHP)
  4. Better mobile helpers and remote debugging
  5. Support for all of (Traceur)
  6. Deployment (Heroku, AppEngine)
  7. ..plans for a little more

Yeoman 0.9.5 Just Launched!

Learn to love your workflow and tools

Thank you!