Daniel Engel

Software Engineer, System Architect


Computer Scientist with 15 years of experience in Software Engineering, System Architecture and Process Design.


Software Engineering

Proven ability to produce high quality software using modern technologies and efficient methods.

Systems Architecture

Profound understanding of infrastructure systems, dependencies, relationships and optimizations.

Process Design

Configuration management expert versed in creating processes with associated enforcing tools.


Rochester Institute of Technology — Rochester, NY

BS. Computer Science — Dean's List



  • PERL
  • C / C++
  • JAVA
  • PHP / MVC
  • OOA / OOP
  • UNIX / RPC
  • SCM / DVCS


Tekelec — Morrisville, NC

Senior Engineer


Designed and implemented a multi-site setup to facilitate source code collaboration between geographically distant development centers. Deployed remote development sites in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Replaced commercial software with Open Source counterparts to lower operational costs. Identified business needs and implemented solutions to alleviate software development efforts. Produced training material and trained engineers on a variety of technological subjects. Worked very closely with different departments to maintain a healthy infrastructure. Lead the effort to modernize tools and utilities, for a more efficient distributed environment.

Engel Consulting Inc. — Raleigh, NC

Founder / Consultant


Consultant on diverse industries in regards to Configuration Management and Software Development processes. Analysis of their current environment, and assistance producing a plan to improve productivity and lower operation costs. Contractor work to create custom algorithms, modules, and libraries. Advised IT departments of critical security assessments and solution to vulnerabilities. Active contributions to Open Source projects and technical discussions. Presented various materials at universities, conferences, and seminars.

Nortel — Durham, NC

Senior Member of the Scientific Staff


Performed as software architect, webmaster, and system administrator. Designed and developed a network configuration tool part of the Optivity suite of network management solutions. Created automated tools capable of producing usable Java code to be incorporated into products. Redesigned and implemented an improved and technologically advanced web site for internal customers. Installed and administrated the infrastructure of servers and desktops on several flavors of Windows and Unix. Headed the acquisition integration and migration of source code to ClearCase. Performed ClearCase and MultiSite maintenance and administration. Wrote custom scripts and a hands free synchronization system to support distributed development.

Northern Telecom — Rochester, NY

Software Engineer


Release coordinator and software engineer for the Advanced Technology Group. Designed, created, and maintained a packaging system compliant with the AIX proprietary format. Created a set of programs and tools to automate installation and configuration of a Telecommunication baseline platform. Programming in C++ with IDL interfaces for CORBA integration. Performed as the technical and administrative prime for the Load Build and installation of the platform. Provided support to customers on the field. Involved in several aspects of network and system administration, as well as technological acquisition decisions. Acted as ClearCase administrator and implemented first Configuration Management solution.

Rochester Institute of Technology — Rochester, NY

Teaching Assistant


Lectured classes and graded course exams. Created test material and lab assignments. Implemented an automated evaluation system where students received immediate feedback for submitted work. Assisted on departmental database design for student performance progress. Co-authored papers on campus publications describing original algorithms and problem solving approaches.


Internet presence at http://about.me/daniel.engel

Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish.

United States of America Citizen.

Daniel Engel — daniel.engel@gmail.com — +1.919.200-0020