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1) Squirrel Feeding [HQ]
2:59 min. May 2010. This is harder than it looks! There is more going on than you can see. It takes special food, the right amount at the right time, & the right feed rate. Otherwise the animal can starve or catch pneumonia. Either way it will die. Please take animals to trained rehab personnel. Thanks.

BTW, it was also hard to photograph.

2) Weaning Squirrels [HQ]
2:12 min. June 2010. A video of ground squirrels at one of their last weaning feeds. You can see the solid food in the background.
3) Skitterish Squirrels [HQ]
1:11 min. July 2010. The eight ground squirrels the SWCC has been raising have been weaned for about 2 weeks. They are wary of people and were hard to photograph. I had to approach slowly with the camera running in my hand and my arm stretched out.
4) Nesting Behavior [HQ]
0:22 min. July 2010 The SWCC's resident unreleasable ground squirrel will tear up and wad anything in her mouth to pad her den. You can see the box she destroyed on the floor. She has even stuffed her nest so full, she doesn't fit all the way in!
5) 10,000 meal worms [HQ]
5) 10,000 meal worms [compressed]
1:13 min. July 2010. The SWCC uses 10000 of these a week during peak season. They arrive thirsty.
6) Cuttlefish [HQ]
0:26 min. July 2010. Monterey Bay Aquarium
7) Seahorses, Prawns, Starfish [HQ]
1:03 min. July 2010. Monterey Bay Aquarium
8) Sea Dragons [HQ]
0:38 min. July 2010. Monterey Bay Aquarium
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