Movie Ratings
Movies graded A, B, C, D, F or Z
Rated by John T Burt
I recommend any movie with a B+ grade or better.

PDF dump of the file, about 114 pages
(Updated roughly annually.)
Last Update Jan 2017,
about 5700 entries.

Respect B Movies

Grade Key

The ratings are based on entertainment value only, no other quality. Movies that win an Academy award are Not rated the same way and I often do not enjoy them. Any B+ or better movie is usually worth watching once if not more.

"A" means unquestionably good.
"B" means might be worth watching twice.
"C" means worth watching once.
"D" means I barely finished it.
"F" means I didn't finish or wish I hadn't.
"Z or N" means abandoned, 'not rated, who cares.'

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