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<<replace "You ate the cheesecake. Therefore, it cannot speak.">> ''It must be very rewarding to be eaten so enthusiastically.'' <<endreplace>>
//It's nice that you like me because I'm cheesecake. It's nice that you like my flavour and my texture and my aspect. If you didn't, I'd just sit here and probably go bad after awhile. But sometimes I'd just wish you'd sit here with me while I wallow on the plate and contemplate me as a whole cake, and not just a slice. But I'm not mad at you, just a bit disappointed. I could be more than a slice but I guess it's easy to consume quickly than to savour and appreciate. \n\nAfter all, I'm a talking piece of [[cheesecake.|eat me]]\n\n
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[[Hey, Free Cheesecake|Beginning ]]\nBy: Lana Polansky\n<html><IMG SRC=></html>
''You getting full? This cheesecake clearly wants you to'' [[eat it.|A noise. ]] \n\n
<<choice "Have another. There's still plenty!">> \n\n//<<choice "shyuck.">>// \n\n
//well ok i admit i LIKE being cheesecake but// <<replace "--ow--wait...">> [[--You've got to be kidding me.|Happy happy. ]]<<endreplace>>
//shhhhhhffffftttthhhhat's fabulous, really, i'm glad you like how i [[taste but...|admission]]//
''It's simple cake. Graham cracker crust. Smooth, creamy filling. And look at the size of the strawberries'' [[on her!|Happy happy. ]]\n\n
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''There's one bite left. It's'' [[delicious.|eat up.]]\n
''If you act like cake, why should the world notice anything else? If it'' <<replace "wanted to be anything else,">> //[[(well you've never asked)|were she not cheesecake called.]]// <<endreplace>> ''than it would be, right? So'' <<choice "eat up.">> \n\n\n
''Help this'' [[cheesecake|notice]] ''serve its purpose. Come on.''\n
''It's just cheesecake. Have another'' [[bite.|shyuck.]]\n\n
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''What? No, I don't'' [[hear anything.|Just cheesecake. ]]
//<<replace "Now, eat me.">>//\n''It must be very rewarding to be eaten so enthusiastically.''<<endreplace>>
''Even if it did have feelings, what does it have to be'' [[upset about?|admission]] ''It's on display to be consumed, and you're consuming it.'' [[Happy happy.|purpose.]] \n\n
//<<choice "shyuck...shyuuuuckk. wait hang on--">>//\n\n<<choice "--I don't think you're hearing what you think you're hearing.">>
//sometimes people call me cheesepie. i can go by another name and still basically be myself. \n\nyou can aim that fork at me free of consequences all you like, you can feel [[free not to listen.|one bite ]]\n\n[[but it all depends on what you see in me.|it's nice]] i'm borrowing from a play. did you know i like theatre?
''Have a'' [[bite|Very cheesy.]] ''of cheesecake. On me.''
[[Have another!|Listen.]]