You are not quite sure about the whole situation and decide to take a look outside. The creaking of the opening front door is followed by a loud buzzing noise. The noise grows louder and louder while you try to walk. Panicking, you look around and scream for help, but you can't even hear your own voice. As you collapse on the ground, having barely walked a few meters, you feel blood oozing over your shoulder. Desperately you look around for help some more, but as a gravity comparable to that of a thousand suns drags you down you let the darkness envelop you.\n\n<<display "Unconscious">>\n\n<<silently>>\n<<if $tshirt eq "sweater">>\n <<set $tshirt = "blood stained sweater">>\n<<else>>\n <<set $tshirt = "blood stained">>\n<<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<<display "appearance">>
You take the right and walk, fighting the urge to lie down and let the darkness flow over and into you. After an undeterminable amount of time you hear a loud girlish scream from an alley. You recognize the voice. Frozen in place, you turn your head towards the source. The screaming fades away and is quickly replaced by sound of flesh being ripped from bones. You start to feel nausious as the cruel scenery is burned onto your retina. 5 canine creatures emanating a black aura are gathered around what seems to be a small human body, no, a child, or what is left of it. A pool of blood starts to form under the 5 hellhounds while you come to your senses and stagger away from the bloodbath. You trip over a stone and see one of the hounds slowly turning its blood covered head. Passing out, the world fades away and you are pulled into dark oblivion.\n\n<<display "Unconscious">>\n\n<<display "appearance">>
<<silently>>\n<<set $cloth = "pyjamas">>\n<<set $storyCount = $storyCount + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\nAlarm goes off. You notice the black sky outside. It's darker than usual.\n\n[[Get out of bed]]\n\n<<display "appearance">>
<<silently>>\n<<set $cloth = "dressed">>\n<<set $tshirt = "dirty">>\n<<set $pants = "blue">>\n<<set $brand = "not a very special one">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\nA dirty one is good enough.\n\n<<display "breakfast">>\n\n<<display "appearance">>
You feel yourself as if floating in a different dimension, though the body not quite disconnected from the soul; it feels more like the body is about to be disconnected from a soul. A white lights appears, and while the light gets brighter and brighter, your memories of the past world seem to be fading. Losing yourself more and more in the light, struggling between the desire of going back to the numbing void but also feeling the urge to crawl towards the light, you can do only but one thing: scream.
You feel as if you are floating through a different dimension, the body disconnected from the soul. A state of mind like that of an unborn child. In the black nothingness of your unconscious you hear a little girl calling out to you. She says they are coming. You will...\n\n[[Wake up]]\n[[Ignore the voice of the little girl and let your subconscious immerse you in the black void|Begin]]
Slightly hesitating but encouraged by your hungry stomach you sit down at the neatly prepared table. You prepare a bowl of Tresor, and while you are looking around for the milk you see something moving in the corner, accompanied by a very loud and strange buzzing noise. You quickly look in the direction of the movement and see it was just the carton of milk shaking. The noise keeps growing louder. You panick as you start to feel dizzy. The carton explodes, and while you run away in shock you notice you are losing your ability to keep balance. In a final attempt to save your bacon you grind your teeth and reach out to the earbuds on the kitchen counter, but as you feel blood oozing over your shoulder you collapse and pass out, letting the buzzing sound drag you into darkness.\n\n<<display "Unconscious">>\n\n<<silently>>\n<<if $tshirt eq "sweater">>\n <<set $tshirt = "blood stained sweater">>\n<<else>>\n <<set $tshirt = "blood stained">>\n<<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<<display "appearance">>
Halfway getting dressed it appears that you've ran out of clean T-Shirts. You feel uneasy.\n\n[[Wear just a sweater]]\n[[Wear a dirty one]]\n\n<<display "appearance">>
You are inside the building. It is quiet in an unnatural way. You head upstairs seeking a good view of the surrounding area. As you go up, the staircase starts spiralling. You hadn't noticed when you entered the building because you were too tired to look up, but the building seems to have a lighthouse-like architecture. When the staircase stops you enter a big, round room. The room is surrounded by big glass windows, allowing you an unobstructed 360° view of the whole city of Beatty. In the distance you can even see Bare Mountain. In the center of the room is instead of an enormous lightbulb, an enormous glasslike pillar, strecthing on through a hole in the roof. It glows in a pleasant green shade and emanates positive vibes.\n\nYou take a stroll around the room to look at the whole city. In the distance you can see war being waged. Soldiers with gasmasks are fighting against horrific canine creaturs with claws the length of a baseballbat. In the distance, towards the northeast, you can see a smokey grey mushroom. The moment you notice the mushroom, you start feeling a light tingling on your face. You stand there, frozen by the terrible surreal battle in distant desert and wondering why you did not notice the tingling earlier. Suddenly you feel a presence of a person behind you. It does not feel like a bad presence, so you are not startled. If anything, you feel safer. You turn around to witness a man, sitting on the ground while leaning against the glowing pillar, breathe his last breath. As the air leaves his lungs for the last time he looks at you with hopeful, but also compelling eyes. He is soaked in blood, so much that it is impossible that all of it is his own.\n\nIn his left and right hands there are two pieces of oddly shaped glass fibre. They make you think of a power cord; the ends seem to fit eachother. One end merges with the glowing pillar; the other one goes through a hole in the floor. As the person stares at you with energetic but fading lifeforce, his intention becomes clear to you. When the man collapses lifelessly on the ground, you can get yourself to move again. After limping closer to the man, you pry the two cords from his two dead hands, and look at the raging battlefield when you connect. With all your strength you connect the two ends, and as you collapse back into the [[dark void|Birth]] of unconsciousness, you feel yourself being covered with white light and positive energy.
<<if $cloth eq "pyjamas">>\n You are wearing pyjamas.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $cloth eq "dressed">>\n <<if $tshirt eq "sweater">>\n You are wearing a sweater.\n <<else>>\n <<if $tshirt eq "blood stained sweater">>\n You are wearing a blood stained sweater.\n <<else>>\n You are wearing a <<print $tshirt>> t-shirt.\n <<endif>>\n <<endif>>\n Your pants are <<print $pants>>.\n The brand of shoes you are wearing is <<print $brand>>.\n<<endif>>\n
You get out of bed. <<if $tripped eq "true">>Your leg hurts.<<endif>>\n\n[[Get dressed]]\n\n<<display "appearance">>
<<silently>>\n<<set $cloth = "pyjamas">>\n<<set $tripped = "false">>\n<<set $storyCount = 0>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\nStory of my life\n\n[[Begin]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $cloth = "dressed">>\n<<set $tshirt = "sweater">>\n<<set $pants = "blue">>\n<<set $brand = "not a very special one">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\nYou pull on your sweater and hope the piece of uncovered skin won't cause any awkward stares.\n\n<<display "breakfast">>\n\n<<display "appearance">>
Bob Rubbens\n&\nKnights of the Compiler
<<silently>>\n<<set $pants = "ripped and torn apart in several places">>\n<<set $tripped = "true">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\nYou wake up with a bad headache. You don't recognize the part of the city you are in and you can't remember how you got there. Vague memories of chaos and death are flashing through your mind. As you try to get up you nearly collapse again, injuring your leg in the process leaving you with a limp. The dizzyness has not gone away and you are on the verge of passing out.\n\nYou come across an intersection. There are several bloodstains on the ground and you have heard several screams in the distance.\n\n[[Go left]]\n[[Go right]]\n<<if $storyCount gt 1>>[[Enter the building in the middle of the intersection]]<<endif>>\n\n<<display "appearance">>
Story of my Life
You head down for breakfast. The house is silent. The dark sky is still looming over your house too. Something isn't right.\n\nWhen you arrive in the kitchen you notice the kitchen table is prepared, but strangely all of the food seems to be untouched. Strange vibes make you feel uncomfortable.\n\n[[Sit down]]\n[[Walk around some more]]
You take the road to the left and continue walking, though at a slower pace than before. Time drags on. You leave the center of the city you and end up in the outskirts. Next to the road you can see big, deep, but unrecognizable footprints. You push yourself to the very limit, but in the end you can't take it anymore and collapse next to a dirt road. As you feel the darkness creeping in and enveloping your consciousness you hear the source of the foodsteps, snorting in the distance.\n\n<<display "Unconscious">>\n\n<<display "appearance">>