Ugo Pagano

University of Siena and CEU


I live at Il Colle di S. Marcellino and I spend August at Villa Michele. The Taj Mahal  is the most magnificent work of love that I have ever seen.

After completing classic studies in 1969 at Liceo Umberto I in Napoli, I obtained my laurea  from the University of Siena in 1973. I got my PhD in Economics from the University of Cambridge where I was later to become University Lecturer and a Fellow of Pembroke College.

I have tried to  cooperate with my colleagues to organize  graduate programs where research students feel part of a community within which they make autonomous choices on their research.

My fields of interest include institutional and evolutionary economics, law and economics, varieties of capitalism, innovation and IPR, bioeconomics and the economics of nationalism and globalization.

Loc. Colle

Monti in Chianti.

Gaiole in Chianti.


Villa Michele

Via Nastro Azzurro 14.





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