So here's the deal.
I will make this happen.

Final price is still unknown
but it should cost around $25-$30, shipped, anywhere.
These will be produced using a 3D printer
with gold plated stainless steel as the medium.

These are the parameters for Operation �Pins for /a/':

Stage 1:
    Status - complete.
Just gathering screen shots and reference images from the VN.

Stage 2:
    In progress.
Compiling the reference images and building a 3D model,
and tweaking that so it can be physically printed.
Expect to see some digital samples by this weekend.

Stage 3:
Creation of a sample to confirm the finished quality.
This is a waiting game:
it can take up to 4 weeks for the sample to arrive.
I expect 90% of the interest to disappear during this stage.
Rest assured, that will not deter me,
as most of the work is done by this point.
Updates will be posted as soon as they exist.

Stage 3.5:
  Modifications, if necessary.
Additional design tweaks may be required, pending the sample.
Worst case scenario is I'll have to order a second prototype,
potentially delaying the final step another month.
It can't be helped.

Stage 4:
Purchasing details to follow, when ready.

That's the plan.
Keep an eye on this page for updates.


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