David Hughes

evolutionary anthropologist


Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellow

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Institut de Biologia Evolutiva

Navarro, Evolutionary Genomics Lab

Doctor Aiguader 88

08003 Barcelona Spain

PhD, Stoneking Lab

Department of Evolutionary Genetics

Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Leipzig, Germany


hughes dot evoanth at gmail dot com

David A Hughes


Research Focus


Selected Publications


Evaluating inter- and intra-individual variation in the human placental transcriptome. (2015)

Hughes DA, Kircher M, He Z, Song G, Fairbrother G, Moreno C, Khaitovich P, Stoneking M.

Genome Biology, 2015 - In Press

Methylation changes at NR3C1 in newborns associate with maternal prenatal stress exposure and newborn birth weight. (2012)

Mulligan C, D’Errico N.C., Stees J, Hughes DA.

Epigenetics, Vol. 7, Issue 8, p853-857. Aug 2012.

Parallel Selection on TRPV6 in Human Populations. (2008)

Hughes DA, Tang K, Strotmann R, Schöneberg T, Prenen J, Nilius B, Stoneking M.   

PLoS ONE, Feb 27;3(2):e1686

Processes that shape natural variation

My research is focused on studying the evolutionary process that shape natural variation and linking natural (epi)genetic variation with phenotypic variation. My work utilizes population genetic frameworks and data derived from genetic, genomics, phylogenomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics and network biology to investigate research questions of interest.

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