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My Favourite Podcasts

The Chris Moyles show (BBC Radio 1)

Scott Mills Daily (BBC Radio 1)

The Chris Evans Breakfast show (BBC Radio 2)

The Lippis Report - technology interviews and commentary

My Favourite 3rd Party Tools

MacOS Specific

0xED Binary editor

Adium Multi-protocol Instant Messaging client

Desktopple Hide your untidy desktop icons while doing presentations - definitely works for me - Mr "Save To..." Desktop!

HimmelBar 'Start' menu for the Mac - allows you to exclude permanent dock items

inSSIDer Search for wireless access points and plot their signal strength

iStat Resource monitor (and more)

Lingon 3 Great tool for managing custom startup scripts in OS X

OnyX System maintenance tool - allows you to check Startup files are all healthy and change some of the default behaviours of MacOS

Quicksilver Spotlight on steroids

ScreenFlow Screencast recording tool

SuperDuper! Backup software that creates bootable recovery images - reduce your recovery time to minutes (free for basic functionality, US$27.95 gives you the ability to do incremental backups and create sandbox images)

WaterRoof Frontend to OSX packet filter

Java based (O/S independent)

Apache Jmeter Performance testing tool which can be applied to many TCP based services - including HTTP and SMTP - have used this for testing the WSA in the past

JumpLoader Java uploader Applet - provides a simple [browser-based] user interface for uploading large files direct to your host - handy for customers to upload those large accesslogs files to you.
Requires web server (I use the Apache web server that comes with MacOS)

Keytool IUI Key management tool to facilitate the management of various keystores (including Sun's Java Keystore) and conversion between various key formats

Multiplatform (including MacOS)

Apache Directory Studio LDAP directory browser that allows you to save both LDAP directory configuration information and LDAP searches

Dnsmasq Need to do something with DNS? This software will fit the bill..

DiffMerge Highlight differences between two files or directories, plus the ability to merge files

FileZilla File transfer software - client supports FTP, SFTP and FTP over TLS/SSL. They also provide an FTP server for Windows - handy for those FTP uploads to Sawmill servers

Firefox Little-known web browser ! :)

freeSSHd SSH server for Windows - again, handy for uploads to Sawmill servers

frox Versatile ftp proxy - I've used it to perform active to passive data connection translation

GNS3 Graphical based Emulator for Cisco routers/firewalls

GreasySpoon ICAP Server Useful for testing ICAP handoffs

IP Subnet Calculator For the bit-challenged amongst us

Thunderbird Mail client - pretty good one too !!

Pen Simple TCP load balancer - can choose sticky client mode (default) or round robin, plus weighting of target hosts

Wireshark (formerly Ethereal) For all your protocol analysing needs

XCA Great graphical frontend for all your certificate authority needs

Firefox Addons

Dafizilla Table2Clipboard Copy'n'paste HTML tables into plaintext/CSV files

Download Statusbar Get rid of all those intrusive download windows

Firebug Web development tool - includes request/response performance profiling

FoxyProxy Easily switch between different web proxy servers

HttpFox Analyse HTTP traffic between browser and web server

User Agent Switcher Get Firefox to announce itself as a different browser

Thunderbird Addons

Enigmail Frontend integration with GnuPG

Growl Notifications Get Growl to notify you when new mail arrives

Mnenhy Various MUA enhancements, including Custom Headers in message composition and Extended view

Zindus Synchronise contact details between Gmail accounts and local Thunderbird address book (also syncs Zimbra contacts)

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