Edmund Moody of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, was born about 1495 and is the earliest person of the name from whom a descent has definitely been proved in this particular family. All that is known of him is that he was a footman in the retinue of King Henry VIII, saved the latter from drowning, and was rewarded for this exploit by a grant of lands, a pension, the title of Gentleman, and a coat-of-arms, as shown by the following record in the Office of the College of Arms, 130 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4BT, United Kingdom. After which Edmund left the Court and lived at St Edmunds Bury, as stated by Letters Patent in the Office.

"The Armes & Crest of Edmund Moody of Bury St Edmunds in the County of Suffolk, Gentlemen, graunted to him by Thomas Hawley, Clarenceux King-at-Arms 6 October 1540, in the 32 year of King Henry the Eighth, for his miraculously saving his life (at Hitchin, co. Herts), when leaping over a ditch with a pole which brake; that if the said Edmund had not leapt into ye water and lifted up the King’s head, he had drowned; for which he was rewarded.”

Also the deliverance is mentioned in the book called "Prince Protecting Providence”, set out in the year 1682, page 4.

Arms: “Argent, on a chevron engrailed sable, between three trefoils slipped vert, three lozenges or; on a chief azure, two arms issuing from clounds, proper, vested bendy or and gules, holding in the hands a rose of the last.” Crest: “Two embossed arms in saltire, the dexter vested gules, the sinister vert, each holding a cutlas argent, hilted, or.” (Quoted by Davy, the Suffolk Antiquary, in his Manuscript Collections, Additional Mss. 19142, fol. 194, British Museum, London).

Edmund Moody had one descendant proven to the satisfaction of The College of Arms who emigrated to New England. John Moody, (John of Hartford), christened 8 April 1593 in Moulton, Suffolk, England, arrived in 1633 at the Massachusetts Bay Colony and died in 1655 at Hartford, Connecticut. Many of John's descendants settled in Hadley, Massachusetts. ("The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633", Anderson, Robert Charles, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Vol. II, page 1274). John Moody’s y-DNA is G-P18.

Edmund Moody’s unproven second descendant is William Moody, (William of Newbury), born 16 Jan 1611 in England, arrived 10 April 1634 on the ship "Mary and John" at Ipswich, Massachusetts, and died 23 Oct 1673 at Newbury, Massachusetts. William is thought to be descended from Edmund’s grandson, Robert, but no proof has been accepted by The College of Arms. William’s y-DNA is R-M269, different than John’s G-P18, and as Edmund could not have had two different y-DNAs, William’s descent from Robert is further suspect. Many of William's descendants settled in the state of Maine.

I have proven to the satisfaction of the College of Arms my unique right to Edmund Moody’s coat-of-arms through John of Hartford. Those Moody descendants interested will find the genealogical documentation directly from Edmund to myself herein recorded; also at The College of Arms.

They therefore need only prove their descent to the College of Arms from an individual in the direct Moody male line between Edmund and myself. For further information about Edmund, and the text of my King of Arms Certificate see Edmund Moody's personal data at Home Card, above.

David L. Moody, MD USA
Researching: Moody, Matkovich, Beckwith,
Wright, Eve, Audet dit LaPointe, LaPointe, MacKay, Anderson, Hagstrom

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