Tablet-optimised apps for Android

The lack of tablet-optimised apps for Android is one of the most common complaints about the platform, and also an oft-cited reason for why the iPad still sells more than most Android tablets put together; this happens despite some Android tablets (such as the Nexus 10) having better hardware specs in many areas at a comparable or lower price.

Apps are more difficult to design for Android tablets because the hardware comes in different screen sizes and resolutions. This fact requires the app designer to think out of the 4:3 ratio box when designing the app. I have created this page to showcase my own favourite tablet-optimised apps. If an app has been deliberately optimised for tablets or at least has a well thought out landscape mode, then you can be reasonably sure that thought has been put into it in general.

Pockets Casts

An excellent podcast app. Link to Google Play.

Pocket Casts screenshot

Google Keep

A synchronised wall for virtual stickies. Link to Google Play.

Google Keep screenshot


A very well-designed calendar app. Link to Google Play.

Digical screenshot

Reddit Sync

A client for Reddit. Link to Google Play.

Reddit Sync screenshot

Office Suite Pro

A Microsoft Office replacement and smooth PDF reader. Link to Google Play.

Office Suite Pro screenshot

SketchBook Pro

A sketchbook app that produces bitmap graphics. Link to Google Play.

SketchBook Pro for Tablets screenshot

Great, but not optimised, apps for tablets

Some apps have not been optimised for tablets at all, but simply work much better on the larger screen. I mention a few here that I use myself.

MyScript Calculator

A calculator that interprets handwriting. Link to Google Play.

MyScript Calculator screenshot


Make drawings that are shown on any PCs on the local network. Link to Google Play.

CloneBoard screenshot

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Simon Gray, 2013-04-14