multiplidentity: iterations of self, by Matt Leiker. Visual Studies senior Matt Leiker explores the interaction of identity and self through creative repetition and duplication. His artwork is a realistic digital manipulation touching on the themes of multiple personalities, self-projection and interaction, the nocturnal self, mindless clones, homoeroticism, imaginary friends, schizophrenia, personal space, and anything else you can read into it. He exploits these interactions to comment on society & social acceptability, identity, industry, relationships, personal space, fantasy and reality. See my promotional card, gallery handout, gallery opening pictures, my looping thesis video or leave me comments or crits. Young Professionals. All-male a cappella. Space Invader. Latenight Television, the elevator, the kiss. Matthew Leiker. A thesis exhibition. April 26th, 2005. The Carriage House, 3907 Spruce Street, 6:00pm. Special thanks to my advisor Colette Copeland. Additional assistance by Ryan Pears, Karen Beckman, Josh Lodolo, Prem tumkosit, Michelle Walther, Greg Meila, Penny Loafers, and Sam Cohn. Multiple copies. Clones. Many-mes. Many mes. Multiple matts. Multiples. Copies. Photoshop editing. Digital composit artwork. Gay art. Queer art. Homo art. Check out my thesis. Learn more about me. See my videos. See my graphic and visual work. See my media creations. View my resume. Contact me.